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Short life phone and Clothing waste. Technology Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Topic 1: Short-life phone

The assignment is a research task. It’s about to write annotation, requires defining the design problem. What you need to do is to read 1 new academic article (2015-2019) about the topic and well-define the design problem and the way or the strategy have been used in 500 word, providing the references and citations (Harvard style). The first topic is short-life phone and you can use the explanation provided in the cards above.


Short life phone and Clothing waste
Student’s Name
Short life phone and Clothing waste 
As the world population keeps growing, human activities are exerting a lot of pressure in the environment which has led to different challenges that have led to the need for developing better ways of dealing with this pressure. Even though resources are diminishing, there are still limited ways that have been put in place to address wastage of resources that end up in the landfill. The circular economy was developed as an economic system for waste elimination that allows continual use. Geissdoerfer, et al. (2017, p. 759) argue that the circular economy exists to offer alternative ways for people to manage the resources that exist and use them in a sustainable approach that does not reduce their quality but rather proposes the best way for dealing with the issues that exist. This is a move away from the traditional system to a new system that employs reuse, and recycling of material to create a closed-loop system that minimizes resources thus reducing waste (Pauliuk 2018, p. 86). For example, in the textile and fashion industry the circular system has been used to propose reducing the material used to design clothes thus reducing the overall waste that reaches the landfill. According to MacArthur (2019, pp. 2), the circular system is designed as an alternative to the linear economic system characterized by wastage, leakage of resources and even environmental pollution which affects the environment.

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