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Social Networking and eSports in More or Less Democracy & New Media (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Write an annotated bibliography on Negative effects of Competition in professional online gaming in Korea ( E-Sports )

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Khoo, A. "eSocial Networking and eSports”, in More or Less Democracy & New Media.Future Leaders, 2012
According to Khoo, lives have changed a lot due to the development of the internet, making it easy to reach and work with people both in the vicinity and international. It has also contributed to an inactive way of life leading to heart diseases, obesity and diabetes. Among the popular leisure’s or jobs one can do online are electronic sports. Khoo argues that Koreans have adopted professional gaming to the point that it is referred to as a mode o social expression. In turn, this has had tremendous effect on the social, psychological and physical lives of the gamers.
He observes that these games have become popular and developed immensely over the years and as such been exemplified by pong and space invaders which were created in the 1970’s. According to him, these games have taken away the core value of humanity since they have over shadowed the need to go to fields and gyms to work-out. They have also put the player in an implicit world away from reality. Furthermore, Korea, being the leader in eSport games, has been seen to flag news pages with their fascination of online games hence leading their social lives suffering due to game addictions. Koreans have suffered death due to internet related video games addictions. Most of the young Koreans believe being involved in online games stands for an aspect for an entire society. Khoo’s investigation helps reveal the intricate nature of professional gaming in Korea thereby painting the social as well as personal implication of the enterprise.
Chee, F. Understanding Korean experiences of online game hype, identity, and themenace of the "Wang-tta”. Authors & Digital Games Research AssociationDiGRA, 2005
Florence Chee, just like Khoo, begins by acknowledging that there have been tremendous discoveries over the years which have shaped our society today. The internet, according to her, has been evolutionary. She further adds that just like any other invention made by man, the internet poses great dangers especially through eSports. She presents an ethnographic study of gamers in Korea and how they establish communities online and offline. The study was carried out in 2004 for four month at Seoul, South Korea.
In her study, she was able to establish that Koreans took eSports as a profession by establishing game rooms which were well furnished with comfortable executive chairs and snack bars. One particular correspondent that Chee interviewed confided that while at the PC bang (as the eSporting rooms came to be known), he was able to smoke and do other things which otherwise he couldn’t do while at home. This revealed that there was the potentiality of not only gamers getting addicted these games but drugs as well. This therefore suggested that one danger of eSports to the Korean society was the risk of drug use and add...
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