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Judaism-Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Evaluating Jewish Sources
• Choose five resources that relate to your final paper topic. (I will post my final paper outline in the other file). Your resources should include:
1. An encyclopedia/reference source (Wikipedia,, etc.)
2. A website (as a primary source, such as, rjchq,org, etc.)
3. A newspaper/magazine article
4. A peer-reviewed scholarly article
5. A primary source (such as the movie, TV show, art work, music, etc that you will be analyzing for your paper).
• For each resource, clearly name your source and write one paragraph evaluating its quality and reliability for academic research. You should consider the following questions in your evaluation (we understand that you may need to apply these questions differently to each resource):
a. What do you know about the author (expertise, profession, other writings)?
b. What is the author’s main argument? What evidence does the author use to support that argument?
c. Why did the author create this source? What might be his/her motivation or underlying agenda?
d. What are the strengths of this source? What can you trust about it?
e. What are the weaknesses of this source? What concerns do you have about it?
• You should include a PROPERLY CITED bibliography using the Chicago Style
Author-Date Citation. (click the author-date tab)
Your paper should be double-spaced, one inch margins, Times New Roman 12 point font, and 1-2 pages in length. Please write in complete sentences. You may reference or quote printed materials, but make sure that all such references are properly cited.


Frankel, Ellen, and Betsy Platkin Teutsch. The Encyclopedia of Jewish Symbols. Northvale, N.J.: J. Aronson, 1995.
Ellen Frankel is the former CEO and Editor-in-chief of the Jewish Publication Society. He also authored other ten published books. He is a renowned lecturer, professional storyteller, and librettist of choral and opera music genres. Betsy Teutsch, on the other hand, is a designer of ritual objects for Jews. Betsy is also an illustrator of many publications and a Jewish educator. Their main argument is that a coverage of Jewish symbols reflects the interrelationship between image and word in Jewish culture. Ornamentation and calligraphy changed Hebrew letters into art. The authors created this source as a reference to be used by artists, folklorists, non-Jewish and Jewish scholar, feminists, educators, and artists. The strength of the source is that it gives a wonderful coverage of an enormous range of items- all subjects a reader expects.
Cohen, Herman, and Cecil Roth. "Jewish Art." Art Education: 30.
Jewish art is a leading and devoted journal towards art in Jewish culture. The journal is reliable, as it has been leading continuing debates that attempt to define Jewish art since the journal’s launch in 1974. The journal examines historical interrelations between Christian, Islamic, and Jewish art besides cultures and local styles where the journal flourished. The journal, however, is lacking on expansive debates on Jewish art of some areas particularly the Far East, and Central Asia. The Journal also fails to cover Yemenite and Kurdish Jewry.
"Preface to the Print Edition”. YIVO. Accessed November 18, 2015. /about.aspx.
The website aims at representing and recovering ancestral civilization of the majority of Jews globally based on the most objective and current scholarly studies available. The website is reliable as it avails the most accurate information acquired from the most current and reliable scholarly sources and studies. 450 contributors who live in 16 different countries edit it. The editors write about their area of expertise representing leading experts in several divisions of Jewish studies. However, the website is lacking in that it only focuses on events and Jewish people in Eastern Europe and those Eastern Europe origin.
The woman in Gold. Directed by Simon Curtis. Entertainment One, 2015. Film.
The woman in gold movie is British drama released first in July 2015. Celebrated director known as Simon Curtis directed the movie. Alexi Campbell did writing of the drama. The movie stars the multiple award-winning Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Katie Holmes, and Daniel Bruhi amongst others. The movie is based on the late Maria Altmann’s (a Jewish woman) a true story who accompanied by her young lawyer, Schoenberg, faced the Australian government for almost a decade to get back Gustav Klimt’s painting of her aunt. The movie is relevant in appreciating and displaying the importance of pieces of art amongst the Jews. However, the movie disappointingly gives a dull coverage of the fascinating true story and little coverage of Jewish art. This makes the source partially reliable as a source for the research work.
Peer-reviewed Journal
Irosh-Becker, Ofra, and Sarah Bunin. Journal of Jewish Languages 4, no. 2213-4387.
The journal aims at encouraging comparative studi...
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