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Self-Disclosure and Family Relationships Among Adolescents (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


These are 10 Annotated bibliography entries according to the 10 resources.


Annotated Bibliography
* Aldous, J., & Ganey, R. (1982). Families and definitions of problems. (). Retrieved from ERIC Retrieved from
Aldous and Ganey assert that a mother’s problem-solving behavior is likely to have a better and positive impact on an adolescent than that of a father. The article tries to analyze how problem-solving outcomes are influenced by an individual’s problem definition in a family.
Evaluation of Methods Used in the Book
The authors go into details about their information collection methods. As researchers, they conducted a study consisting of 48 families from Caucasian ethnicity. The researchers applied observation as a research technique. The researchers also apply other studies to substantiate their claims.
Determine if Book/Journal can be used
Despite the excellence in data collection techniques and a thorough evaluation of variables, the book cannot be used for the following reasons: First, the researchers relied on family samples from one ethnic group and thus results may not apply to all ethnicities. Secondly, in regard to problem definition, the study did not obtain encouraging results.
* Derkman, M. M. S., Engels, R. C. M. E., Kuntsche, E., van, d. V., & Scholte, R. H. J. (2011). Bidirectional associations between sibling relationships and parental support during adolescence. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 40(4), 490-501.
The paper investigates the connection between parent support and sibling relationship. The writers acknowledge the importance of both variables in a child’s life. However, in the adolescent stage, these relationships are bound to change. The consequences of these relationships on an adolescent’s life are dependent on the quality of both relationships.
Evaluation of Methods Used in the Book:
The authors incorporated several studies. However, the main research entails a study of 428 families consisting of a basic unit which is the father, mother and children at the adolescent stage. The study is well researched and thorough analysis conducted. The writers are also very forthcoming about the limitations they encountered during the study.
Determine if the book/journal can be used
The journal can be used in future because it was very descriptive. The research topic was well-handles. The results obtained are also in line with hypothesis known as the spillover.
* Li, S. T., Albert, A. B., & Dwelle, D. G. (2014). Parental and peer support as predictors of depression and self-esteem among college students. Journal of College Student Development, 55(2), 120-138.
Individuals at the college years and late adolescent are at a higher risk of suffering from depression. The three authors investigate the connection between parental support and self-esteem and depression among students in college. The study found that parent and peer support had a positive impact on a student’s life.
Evaluation of Methods Used in the Book
The journal applies information from several scholarly materials. Another study was also conducted where students and parents enrolled for the experiment. Both parties were served with questionnaires. The authors presented the data in both textual forms and also through diagrams.
Determine if the book/journal can be used
Li, Albert and Dwelle acknowledge that the research did face several limitations. However, based on the information they present, the journal is viable as a reference material. The study provides a crucial implication that can help individuals understand college students better.
* Massey, C. J. (1999). Family relationships and adolescent self-concept. (). Retrieved from ERIC Retrieved from
Massey sought to investigate how family relationships relate to self-concept. The author takes a different direction in the study by analyzing the various cognitive and social dynamics of self-concept instead of the usual general and social concepts. The study relationships with father, mother and siblings have a significant part to play in self-concept.
Evaluation of Methods Used in the Book
The author applies the Sullivan theory of family relationships and self-concept. Massey also incorporates several other scholarly sources. The main research is conducted using 77 participants where results are analyzed using text.
Determine if the book/journal can be used
The findings in the journal are reliable and can be used as source materials. Results obtained support findings by Harris and Howard in a study conducted in 1984 that concluded that adolescents who are unfavored tend to showcase signs of depression, anger and lack of self-identity.
* O'Donnell, W. J. (1979). Affectional patterns of adolescents. Adolescence, 14(56), 681-86. Retrieved from
In this journal, O’Donnell tries to determine the dynamics that lead to shifts in affection between parents, parents to friends and friends in opposite and same sex. The research concludes that there is a more positive affection between parents and younger adults than there is between friends and the same adults. Adolescents that are more advanced in age tend to show an equal measure of affection for their friends and parents except for Black adolescents.
Evaluation of Methods used in the Book
Aside from making references from other studies, the author conducts a research where eleventh and eighth graders are recruited as respondents. Questionnaires were administered to students whose parents granted permission.
Determine if Book/Journal can be used
The data obtained were taken through a four-way analysis. The journal can be used given that respondents hail from different ethnic groups. This means that results obtained can be translated to other research regardless of ethnicity. However, the researcher proposes further research.
* Rothblum, E. D., & Snoek, J. D. (1978). Family affection and control in relation to adolescent self-disclosure. (). Retrieved from ERIC Retrieved from
The book investigates the relationship between self-disclosure among adolescents and family affection. Upon further analysis, the research study found that self-disclosure was greatly affected by parental affection. Similarly, participation plays a crucial role in the same. In families where affection is high and adolescents are involved in the decision-making process, the level of self-disclosure is high. The opposite is also true.
Evaluation of Methods Used in the Book
Two groups were recruited for the purpose of this study. The first group contained male and female respondents and the second contained college students. Interviews were conducted for each group and results obtained were used to draw a conclusion.
Determine book/journal can be used
The book offers an array of information gathered from different sources. Therefore, the book can be used due to the accuracy of information. Additionally, there is diversity in the respondents selected for the research.
* Sartor, C. E. (1999). The influence of parental monitoring and support on adolescent identity development. (). Retrieved from ERIC Retrieved from
Developing an identity at the adolescent stage is very important. However, many adolescents face an identity crisis due to external and internal variables. In this book, Sartor identifies parental monitoring and support as some of the key variables in identity development among variables. Parental support and monitoring are important in identity development.
Evaluation of Methods Used in the Book
The writer creates a link between studies related to the topic and builds on them b

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