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Article Review: Land Use and Environment (Article Critique Sample)


Task: Article Review: Land Use and Environment The Sample is about Article Review: Land Use and Environment


Article Review: Land Use and Environment
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Article Review
Strong, A., Mandelker, D. R. & Kelly, E. D. (1996) 'Property Rights and Takings',
Journal of the American Planning Association, 62: 1, 5 — 16
This article review based on Strong et al. Article ‘Property Rights and Takings’ that appeared on the Journal of the American Planning Association will provide a platform and an understanding of the legal aspects associated with land or property takings. The review commences with the summary of the article, citing the main aspects that are outlined in the article. Secondly, on my opinion, I will review the relevance of the article, and whether it outlines the important aspects facing the use of land and environmental consideration. Based on relevant readings, the article will be critiqued to determine its significance on the subject matter. A conclusive recommendation would be arrived at after a critical analysis of the subject matter.
Article Summary
The aim of the article is to assess the property rights and takings that affect the federal state. The regulatory takings have been considered as the main issue in the federal courts for over a century now. As such, the issue of property rights and takings is not a new phenomenon in the society. However, there have been recent debates on the necessity and significance of the judicial system concerning the property rights as there has been claims on frustration on landowners and citizens towards accessing justice. The complexity of the land regulation system has made the situation worst as it involves numerous government entities that set up the regulations on land issues. With the absence of the other ‘simple’ administrative strategies on land takings, the citizens have resulted to monetary relief in case of wrong doings. They belief that the trend would increase the level of justice and the speed of operations; this is unlike the reliance on the complexity of land regulations.
The article purports that the landowner’s claims are often overstated, and it does not demonstrate the fair view of the situation across the federal state. The advocate, who represents the land-owners, always fails to stipulate the significance of the neighbouring property owners in any land taking case. Indeed, the land-use control, according to the property rights and takings, purports that the residents of the region in which the land is located, and the property owners neighbouring the land are protected against the misuse of the land by the landowner. This ensures that the environment is not polluted, and the third parties or residents within that region are not affected by the use of the land. Nevertheless, the system is not yet ideal as it may be speculated. The system demonstrates unfairness in numerous occasions. The system does not offer alternatives in case there are changes in the rules, where the owner of the property is required to near the burden of implementing the public policy or in the case where the property owner is left with no e...
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