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Article Critique
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Technology in the Education System Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


The task was to provide a summary of two ARTICLES. On the other hand, the sample focussed ON articles dealing with technology in the education system.


Word count:569
Section One
Perception of quality of evidence gathered
The quality of evidence gathered in this particular research was high. This is because, the constructs are well explained to enable the readers interpret the results easily. The thesis of the study is clearly stated out from the beginning of the paper whereby the study is meant to analyze various levels of technology simulation and understanding by the teachers. However, the study is a bit limited due to the sample method used.
The use of various criteria helps to show the scope of technology understanding among the teachers and their ability to apply technology in the learning process. Aspects such as the time spent on computers on a daily basis, the teacher’s attitudes and beliefs, proficiency in managing common and specific technologies as well as the opinions on the experience of using technology were taken into consideration in the study.
Based on the various aspects, conclusions were made on the ability of the teachers to use the native technology in the learning process. The study clearly indicated that most teachers started using computers since they were in grade six. In terms of the time spent on computers, most teachers indicated that they spent 2-4 hours per day on their computers. The study also indicated that most teachers had positive attitude towards the use of new technology in the learning process. (Lei,2012)
In terms of sampling, there were weaknesses since the study mainly focused on one large University in Northeastern part and thus bias. This is because, the use of technology in the University might have relied on one part leading to bias. The study could be improved if a large population was considered for sampling so as to eliminate bias.
Section Two
Article Validation
This study does not validate the idea that the digital natives who are pre-service teachers are unprepared to use technology as an education resource. This is because, the study indicated that most teachers have positive attributes to use the basic technology and they have potential to implement this if given an opportunity. The possession of basic skills, but lack of enough experience should not be the reason to disqualify teachers as having the inability to meet the requirements of embracing technology in the school setting
The sample was also limited to one institution and thus it may not be able to provide reliable sources of evidence but the explanation is clear. Generality of this idea is wrong since a large sample from different institutions could have indicated a different result. ...
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