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Article Critique
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Opinion Editorial on Peace and War History Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


ARTICLE CRITIQUE: The decline of war and conceptions of human nature


Opinion Editorial on Peace and War
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Opinion Editorial on Peace and War
The debate on the decline of war is increasing in intensity and the assertions made by Pinker (2013) hold some truth. There has been a decline in violence and war over the years, and the data presented identifies this decline. Pinker (2013) identifies the decline in human sacrifice, a drop in homicide rates in Europe, the abolishment of torture as a form of punishment, and a decline of corporal punishment, among other examples as proof that violence is on the decline. However, the author presents numerous theories to explain the decline, a fact that serves to blur the clarity of his thesis. Readers, therefore, find it difficult to choose between theories that best explain the decline. Even though the decline of violence is convincingly demonstrated in this article, the reasons for the decline are not exhaustively examined and remain unclear.

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