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How Social Class Affects the Emotional Well-being of People (Article Critique Sample)


The task was to find a PEER Reviewed journal on positive psychology and analyze it. The sample analyzes The journal article by Piff and Moskowitz (2018), which talks about how social class affects the emotional well-being of people. IT concludes that the authors' findings are valid; however, they are inadequate. One can argue that, as much as the difference in social class leads to different emotional developments, it does not apply to all cases.


Analysis of Positive Psychology Journal
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The journal article by Piff and Moskowitz (2018), talks on how social class affects the emotional well-being of people. The study divides society into two distinct social classes: the upper and lower classes. It defines the upper class as those people who have access to various resources such as sustainable income and live in different environments that influence their emotions and concerns in distinctive ways. 

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