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The Second Coming of Christ. Religion & Theology Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


The task was to review the biblical texts and critically analyze how christians PERCEIVE death from the perspective of christ's second coming


The Second Coming of Christ
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The Second Coming of Christ
The story of Christ is one of the major hallmarks in Christianity. The story becomes even more interesting when one considers the doctrine of the second coming of Christ. A significant portion of Christian faith gets based on the promise of the second coming of Jesus. The concept of Parousia is closely tied to the Christian belief of life after death. Several scriptures in the Bible connect the second coming Christ and life after death. The tangent of connection lay with the resurrection of the dead to face the eternal judgment. The letters by Paul in the Bible look at the issue from a philosophical perspective. In several of his texts, Paul explains that the present life is of no consequence unless believers spend their lives obeying the will of God. Paul lived by example and denied himself many worldly pleasures such as the pleasure of getting married and having a wife. Therefore, Paul provides an excellent example of an individual who, by faith, believed on the second coming of Jesus. Arp (2013) explains that the resurrection and the second coming of Jesus are crucial hallmarks in the belief system of Christianity. 

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