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Transnationalism, Migrant Transnationalism, And Transformation (Article Critique Sample)


The task was to critique an article by introducing the author's topic and providing a general summary of the article. The sample is about migrant transnationalism and its effect across societies.


Transnationalism, Migrant Transnationalism, and Transformation
Transnationalism, Migrant Transnationalism, and Transformation
The article, “Transformationalism, Migrant Transnationalism, and Transformation” by Steven Vertovec expounds on the concept of transnationalism. The authors introduces the audience to transnationalism within holistic and social construct through his examination of existing literature on the topic, as well as the growth of interest into the field. Vertovec examines the relationship between the growth of globalization alongside sustained cross boder relationships, patterns of exchange, affiliations and social formations spanning nation states, which are facilitated by factors such as telecommunications, improved transportation, and technology .[Vertovec, Steven. ‘Transnationalism.' Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group. London and New York, 2009]
Vertovec observes that transnationalism has been discussed as a variegated phenomenon that encompasses other studies such as transnational communities, capital inflows, trade, citizenship, corporations, intergovernmental agencies, nongovernmental organizations, policies, services, social movements, social networks, families, migration circuits, identities, public spaces, and public cultures. Therefore, the different natures of the phenomena include social morphology relating to the social formation spanning borders such as ethnic Diasporas that exemplifies communities of the transnational moment. Transnationalism can also be viewed as type of consciousness concerning the global Diaspora consciousness marked by dual or multiple identifications characterized by individual's awareness of de-centered attachments1.
Mode of cultural reproduction is another nature of transnationaltionalism viewed as encompassing several processes of c

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