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Appropriateness of Both the Message and the Manner of Presentation (Article Critique Sample)


the task is about reading an article in a journal and giving a critique of the same with proper formatting and the correct citation. the sample presented here is formatted in mla. it is two pages that are double-spaced with the word count nearing five hundred and sixty. the sample is organized in such a way that it starts with an introduction which summarizes what the article is all about followed by the appropriateness of both the message and the manner of presentation. the article being reviewed her is by WASEEM AKRAM AND RAKESH KUMAR WHICH FOCUSES ON THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN SOCIETY.


Appropriateness of Both the Message and the Manner of Presentation

The authors open the article with an abstract where they share their understanding of what social media is followed by examples of the platforms such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. This is followed by a declaration of the goal of the article which they state as revealing the negative and positive sides of social media (Akram and Kumar 347).
Waseem Akram and Rakesh Kumar venture into an ambitious journey by giving a wide scope that they promise the article will cover starting with an introduction in section one through a conclusion in section ten. Section two is supposed to be a literature review and methodology are while section three promises to address the various social media platforms.
The article dives into the subject matter and gives a theoretical narration of the issue with positives of social media being given as boosting education, helping in business promotion or advertising, and helping enhance awareness among people in general and teens in particular. The authors also argue that social media can help advance or boost the social skills of teenagers. Another positive given is that social media can help in improving the health of people in society since information is shared quickly and easily.
Negatives that the two authors give include the potential of social media to destroy reputations as well as the reality that social media can interfere with the development of social skills among teenagers and kids. This is due to the fact that in-person interactions are reduced since young people assume digital or online personas that do not teach them how to behave when in physical contact with others (p. 351). There is also the commonplace negative of cyberbullying that is a negative aspect of social media. The authors also argue that social media can give teens distorted images of the ideal body thus lowering their self-esteem and in some cases lead to risky sexual behavior given the lack of adequate control of the content that is shared on these social media platforms.

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