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ABC News: Ownership, Sourcing, Funding, and Flak (Article Critique Sample)


Find a written news article in a reputable news source (refer to our class discussion on the spectrum of source reputability). It can be literally any news article that is from a reputable source. Maybe CNN or any of those.
Write a mini critique of your article that examines the same aspects as the Critique Paper (evidence, assumptions, ambiguity, and fallacies).
Add to that list of aspects the four primary filters that affect potential bias (ownership, funding, sourcing, and flak).
Professor sent this:
To give you some help, I'll give you an example of each filter using the news source CNN: Ownership: CNN is owned by the parent company Warner Media, which also owns Warner Brothers, HBO, etc. CNN is likely to report news on any of the other companies owned by Warner Media differently because such reports could impact revenue in those other companies. Funding: Almost all news sources use advertising for their funding, and online sources use a variety of them. Just logging onto CNN's homepage yields immediate results for advertisers like Charles Schwab, the investment firm, which sponsors a specific segment called "Champions for Change." All information found on CNN's site has the potential to be influenced by Charles Schwab because they won't have their name attached to a media source that endangers their profits. Advertisers have also taken on the trend of catering advertisements to user preferences. Sources: CNN's sources are a bit harder to find than one would expect, but not impossible. One major source is the Associated Press, but there are many sources unique to each story. Today's story about North Korea's test projectile exploding shortly after launch lists its source as a South Korean military official. On the surface this seems like a solid source, but the relationship between South Korea and North Korea is shaky at best, so any information shared is going to be influenced by that relationship. Flak: CNN has to anticipate backlash from its audience. One way they do this is by regularly updating their stories and citing changes made to the reporting at the end of the article. They will even go so far as to print retractions of information that was falsely reported as true. Recently, CNN itself came under fire for placing an advertisement for Applebees during a tense report on the Ukrainian invasion. If you search for this controversy on CNN's site, you find nothing. You have to go to another news source (I used Newsweek) to find the story and any kind of input from a CNN representative. The point here is that CNN alters its reporting behaviors based on potential audience responses. I hope this helps!


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Article Review: ABC News
ABC News is a broadcasting company that produces, distributes and develops entertainment content online and on television. Walt Disney Company mainly owns the company. Therefore, this essay aims to provide the company's aspects such as ownership, sourcing, funding, and flak.
Ownership: American Broadcasting Company is owned by the parent company Disney general entertainment content. Generally, the owner of ABC is Walt Disney Company. Therefore, ABC is an international commercial broadcast that best serves as a division of Disney General Entertainment content and significant flagship property of Walt Disney.
Funding: ABC receives funding from the federal government. The significant sources of information relating to ABC funding include commonwealth b

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