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Review And Discuss The CNN Poll Article On Gun Control Policies (Article Critique Sample)


review and discuss the cnn poll article on gun control policies

CNN Poll: Gun Control Support
Citizens in the United States have the right to security and therefore have the right to feel protected and secure even at personal levels. The concept of gun possession highlights individual needs for security which involves licensed firearms to appropriate persons in correspondence with the law. Additionally, the primary reason for gun possession reflects on quick emergency response in cases where legitimate law enforcement might delay. Hence, qualified citizens in the united states are allowed to own firearms for the sole purposes of protection and defense in the events of potential harm. However, gun control is a vital issue in need of attention since different events of firearms in the United States have crossed the set boundary on the proper use of firearms. Gun control simply refer to set rules or policies that govern the possession and use of firearms especially in references to civilian citizens who have acquired firearms for personal reasons of defense. It is inevitable that there have been set policies of gun possession and use in the United States. Nevertheless, the recent Event in Parkland, as well as other preceded events, have provoked the need for a review of the policies set for gun use and possession in the United States. It, therefore, implies that stricter gun control policies need to be reconsidered to ensure right possession and use of acquired firearms in the country. Typically, a majority number of people in the United States realize the burning need to put more restrictions on gun use following the recent shooting witnessed in the country. However, there stand exceptional cases of individuals who despite the mass shooting oppose tighter gun laws. Following recent CNN poll, seven out of ten people propose stricter gun policies in the wake of Parkland gun attack. Hence, a tighter gun law should be enforced in the United States.
Jennifer Agiesta, the author the CNN poll text: Seven in ten favor tighter gun laws in the wake of Parkland shooting, highlights the increasing number of supporters of strict gun laws based on the mass shootings that have recently been noted in the country. Additionally, the text expresses the citizen’s concerns about the rising number of gun shootings that take place in the country. Similarly, the text cites an exceptional case of a high number of supporters in support of tighter gun policies in comparison to the survey conducted by CNN in 1993 after the Brady bill got passed into law. Jennifer in her text notes fluctuations in the number of supporters for tight gun control policies about the 1993 numbers rising to near seventy percent and the 2014 polls lowering the number of supporters to forty-four percent. According to the CNN poll text written by Jennifer, the numbers have been influenced by the turn of mass shooting events in the country CITATION Agi18 \l 1033 (Agiesta). The CNN poll text targets the general readers in the country by proposing the concept of tight policies in the possession and use of guns in the United States, by its emphasis on the number proposers following recently occurred events of the mass shooting in Florida. The genre used in the text to express the emerging concerns about the use of guns in the United States is exceptional following the basis of the argument which proposes the enforcement of strict guns policies by a sharp focus of recorded numbers of citizens concerned about the issue of gun usage. The text breaks down the statistics recorded on different surveys and interviews from a range of people involving individuals from own-owning households to a majority from gender, age races and occupations. Additionally, the style used in the CNN poll text gives a lot of information in an organized manner within a range of few words.
The CNN poll text written by Jennifer Agiesta stands to convince the readers through carefully outlined pathos, logos, and ethos. By the use of logos, the writer had revealed recent statistics about the preferences of people towards the concept of gun policies from back when the Brady Bill was passed in 1993. Additionally, Jennifer points to the fluctuations in the numbers of proposers to the enforcement of tighter gun laws influenced by turn of events around the use of firearms. From her statistics about the estimated percentages, up to ninety-three percent of the citizens of the United States expect the government as well as respective law enforcement units to act accordingly to the proposal of strict gun control policies targeted to minimizing mass shooting recently witnessed in the country. Angiesta’s extensive use of pathos is substantive in the CNN poll text following the firm grounds of an introduction of strict gun control rules that would in turn favor not only the nation but also save innocent lives. In the text, Jennifer does not directly present the proposal for strict gun management policies in the country but presents her ideas through firm poll statistics generated over the years by the CNN research methods on the issue of gun possession and use by civilians. Following the emphasis noted in the CNN poll text the ideas of a review of the general policies previously stated on the possession and use of firearms in the nation is wanting. Additionally, Jennifer cites that firearms possession by the mentally disturbed has resulted in mass shootings in the country following the recent Las Vegas attacks that led to the loss of innocent lives. The author has additionally implemented the appeal of ethos in the CNN poll text by outlining the detailed research analysis on the issue of firearm control in the nation to predict the imminent risk of relaxed policies over gun use and ownership in the United States.
The CNN poll text written by Jennifer Angiesta is logically organized by the strategic use of key points essential in the proposal idea of gun control. Additionally, the author has opted to the use of collected statistical data based on gun reforms, strategically placed in the text in a way that corresponds with the readers flow through the text. For the general idea of creating a proposal about gun reforms, the author chooses the use of an integrated formal and informal language in the text to capture both formal and inf...
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