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Article Critique
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Critique Amy Chuas Article Why Chinese Mothers Superior (Article Critique Sample)


review and critique Amy Chua's article Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior, and Amy Tan's article, Two Kinds to find points of agreement and departure

Article Review
Parenting is one of the practices considered to be very demanding and widely varied in the approaches that different people take. There are many stereotypes, theories, and approaches that have been developed and are in existent about parenting that define different communities and how these communities raise their children. Specific reference is usually done to draw parallels about how different mothers of different communities undertake in raising their parents and this paper considers two articles that define how different communities raise their children. These articles base their insights on the basis of stereotypes and general trends that are perceived among different women and how they approach them. Strictness in raising children is ne of the approaches that is largely considered definitive among different women and the articles chosen hail the importance and difference that being strict makes in parenting and successful raising of students.
Amy Tan’s article, Two Kinds, narrates the story of a mother who is critical of her child and always concerned with the way the child lives his life. Born and raised in a family that is high achieving, Tan appears to be disappointed by her son for not being like other children that she reads in popular magazines and watches on popular TV shows. She is obsessed with having her son become like the celebrity children she always sees in media and does not appear to be interested in even knowing what her own son is interested in as a person. She does this with complete disregard to the how her son would feel and like his life to be like.
This article presents a very typical example of strict parenthood characterized by parents whose expectations and demands of their children is beyond their children’s reach. It is a parenting approach that seeks to strain the ambitions of their children to be able to give their very best and ensure that they develop characteristics and strengths that are supportive of their weaknesses and ones that improve on their strengths.
In the article by Amy Chua entitled, Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior, the author paints another picture of strict and uncompromising mothers that raise their children by the proverbial iron chase. The article thrives on stereotypes and generalizations that indicate that Chinese women are the type of women that are very hard on their children and would not entertain having their children engage in activities that do not develop them at a personal level. In the article, the author who presents herself as one of these parents says that there are things that she does not allow her three children to ever engage themselves in at all whether at home or at school. First, she says that her children do not have the privilege of ever watching television or ever attending a sleep over party of play-date. As a mother she says that it is not allowed for her children to ever complain about not being allowed to play in school or watch television. These are some of the elaborate dos and don’ts that she has set up to guide her parenting experience and ensure that her children come out exactly as she wants them to be.
Both of these articles have a lot of similarities that make them very distinct and specific with the way they advocate for strict parenting approaches. They both support the notion that in order to be a successful parent and ensure that your children are able to follow exactly what you want and come out exactly as you would like them to be, you have to be very strict and ensure that they understand the existence of a well defined working conditions for them. The articles present a picture of strict mot...
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