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Design for Trusted and Trustworthy Services: Why We Must Do Better (Article Summary) (Article Critique Sample)

Article Summary; Design for Trusted and Trustworthy Services: Why We Must Do Better
Chapter 11
Since the introduction of e-commerce in 1990s, winning the trust of consumers to participate in online transactions has been the most difficult aspect for companies. Developing trustworthy systems should be the major area of focus for technological developers in human computer interaction. This approach will make it easier for the developers to influence the consumer’s trust perceptions as opposed to concentrating on user interface level. Trust is the main pillar for achievement of various goals in all aspects of life whether economic or social. According to Mayer, trust can be defined as the willingness for a person to become vulnerable with expectations that the behavior of another person will yield positive results (Hughes). As a result, the benefits in the economic set up entailing transactions based on trust dependents on the savings that one makes where there is no legal structure and technical security to guide the operations. In technological advancements, the need for trust emerges in situations whereby the customer is not sure of the risks and uncertainties that might arise after engaging in a certain transaction. These can be limited when the provider avails necessary information that the customer will inquire for motivation and affirmation that one will benefit. Development of trust in technology is based on the experience that one is subjected to by the sociotechnical schemes developed around the technology. The first step in designing technology that will win the trust of the user is to have a reliable trust signalin...
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