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Judges 19 and Phyllis Trible's View: Representation of this Requirement (Article Critique Sample)


the task was to compare and contrast the views of trible (an author) with the events in the book of judges 19. this sample is a representation of this requirement

Judges 19 and Phyllis Trible’s view
The story in Judges 19 is of a Levite whose concubine was unfaithful to him and went back to her father. The Levite goes after her and when they spend the night at a stranger’s place, perverted men demand to sleep with the Levite. He offers his concubine and they rape her all night and she dies the next day. The Levite cuts up her dead body in 12 pieces and sends them throughout Israel.
From this story, it is clear that people are not necessarily kind to one of their own. During their journey back home, the Levant’s servant pleaded that they spend the night at a Jebusite city because it was dark. The Levite refused, saying "we will not turn aside here into a city of foreigners, who are not the children of Israel" (Judges 19:21 New King James Version). They went into Gibeah which was a Jewish town but no one would take them in. An old man later walked by and invited them to his home. It is also clear that people are betrayed by those closest to them. When the men of Gilbeah demanded to have carnal knowledge of the Levite, the Levite brought his concubine out to them and they raped her. The Levite portrays an act of selfishness that is reflected upon with much horror even in today’s world.
Optimistic readers of this story will realize that the unnamed woman in the story was used to some extent to unite the Israeli...
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