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Bollywood Versus Hollywood (Article Sample)


Explaining the diifferences of Bollywood and Hollywood and the effects to the culture. It is specified on INDIAN CULTURE IN WHICH THE TWO IDENTIFIES THE COPYING OF WESTERN CULTURE. further it provides the critical review on BOLLYWOOD AND HOLLYWOOD WHOSE DIFFERENCES AND SIMILARITIES ARE CONNECTED WITH THE IMPACT TO THE CULTURE


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Article Review
The article by Tyrrell Bollywood versus Hollywood Battel of the Dream Factories exhibits significant points connected with the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood. Bollywood is the famous commercial cinema in North India which results from combination of cinematic traditions of Hollywood. The author focuses on the fight of any product from America that is intended for a commercial purpose due to cultural identity. The idea presented is against globalization, it is perceived to change things into a typical image that affects cultural identity. The North Indians are interested in keeping their culture, but the connection between Hollywood and Bollywood stills threatens their culture (Tyrrell, 2004). Based on the argument 

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