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Stakeholders and their Perspectives: Google Dominance and Computing Implications (Article Sample)


Imagine that you are on a team working together on the problem/s raised in the scenario. Consider the following guiding questions as you are working.
1. Who are the major stakeholders and what are their perspectives – what does each have to gain or lose from the activity?
2. What are some of the major ethical issues? What are some possible solutions to these issues?
3. What are the local and global impacts of computing on individuals, organizations, and society?
4. What, if any, additional information would you need to effectively address the problem/s?


Google Dominance and Computing Implications
Stakeholders and their Perspectives
The stakeholders include government or company, the Learners, trainers and the Schools or the institutions. The aim of this kind of education is to provide basic skills in literacy and communication to help improve for development.
The learners will be able to acquire skills in Communications, Numeracy and Literacy abilities which help to improve communication and problem-solving (In Buyuk, 2017). The successful achievement of the learning objectives will go a long way in ensuring the schools get the qualifications and standards that are acceptable to the education and training stakeholders, thereby publicizing the institutions as centers of excellence. The schools may be seen to lose in terms of resources set aside for such training, but generally, the benefits will eventually override the negative implications.
Major Ethical Issues and Possible Solutions
One of the ethical issues is unfair pricing in markets by the creation of monopolies. The unfair pricing is likely to exploit consumers (Baer, 2014). The monopoly created takes into control of the market share of a product or service thereby affecting accessibility to this market. Monopolies usually take advantage of their power in the market. The solution to this is by regulating the business to help insulate consumers from exploitation by these monopolistic giants who may have the temptation to set their prices than consumers may afford.
Another problem arises in the way Google provides discriminating treatment to its own shopping products on the search pages. This dominance provides unfair competition wherever their products are displayed prominently on the screen (Doctorow, 2015). Given that the other products are also displayed by the competition, the competitors are disadvantaged by this act. The creation of anti-trust laws help promote an open and free competition, provide consumers with alternatives, cheaper and high-quality products through innovation.
Local and Global Impacts of Computing on Individuals, Organizations, and Society
Computing contributes to increased communication, for example in communication using emails and video conferencing. In the information management, customer information can be obtained easily for niche advertising . There is also improved stock control, hence, low wastage. The use of computers makes such activities efficient thereby reducing unnecessary overheads (In Information Resources Management Association, (2016).
The use of technology in the Society provides opportunities for improved communication, thereby increasing

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