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Semco Organizational structure Business & Marketing Article (Article Sample)


the task was to respond to a case about Semco Organizational structure. This sample offers a discussion of Semco Organizational structure based on two questions


Semco Organizational structure
Student’s name
How would you describe Semco organization before and after the changes implemented by Ricardo Semler
Once Ricardo Semler took the helm of leadership at Semco, the organization gradually shifted from autocracy type of organization to a corporate democracy. This change in organizational design prompted diverse view from different people, including business experts and scholars; with most arguing that this type of management would definitely collapse the successful organization. However, to the surprise of many, all these doubters were proved wrong where the firm managed to increase its employee base to 3000 workers by 2003.
In what ways is Semco design similar to and different from holacracy structure described in chapter 3?
Holacracy design involves identification of various functions normally elected by individuals within a circle. Just like at Semco, holacracy seeks to establish an agile, energized and competent labor force devoid the governing system that normally suppresses innovation. Again, just like in holacracy, the design in Semco centers on the organization members, giving them much freedom and authority to choose daily activities in the company. The key differences include: the holacracy seeks to get things done through offering problem-solving configurations, while the management system at Semco focuses on employee engagement. Another key difference is that Semco practices democracy where each employee’s decision counts.
Describe the rather unusual human resource policies now in effect at Semco?
As part of Semco’s bizarre HR policies, the company operates under no rules and regulations. The company follows workplace democra

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