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Journal Article Review: Impact of Accounting Information Systems (Article Sample)


journal article review


PHILIP K. YEGO SPHIYE1911 Internal Audit Journal Review Assignment
Omolaye KE, Jacob RB (2017) the Role of Internal Auditing in Enhancing Good Corporate Governance Practice in an Organization. Int J Account Res 6:174. doi:10.4172/2472-114X.1000174
I have read the whole article, of a total of eight pages, from page 1 to page 8.
The aim of this research was to examine the role of internal auditing in enhancing good corporate governance practice in the banking sector in Nigeria with focus on performance and to possibly provide guidance on strengthening the internal audit function in corporate governance. The authors identified that corporate governance has been recognized as an indispensable factor in ensuring sound financial reporting and deterring misappropriations of capital in an organization, and that the growth of corporate governance has been of immense help to the internal audit function.
The author introduced the topic well, giving a good background and the need for high corporate governance standards, to ensure the efficient and effective use of capital, good returns on investments and safeguarding of resources from misappropriation. In his study, the author highlighted that: Corporate governance of banks has gone through a significant revolution in Nigeria since the introduction of the CBN corporate governance code for banks in 2006. There is also a growing recognition of the role internal auditing in contributing to improved corporate governance and reporting, as banks perceive and respond to risks associated with banking operations, thus, an integral part of the corporate governance mosaic. The author adopted both quantitative and qualitative research methodology. Qualitative data were gathered via the use of email questionnaires which ware designed in ‘open ended’ patterns and administered to the (21 respondents).
In his study, the researcher found out that there exists a significant positive relationship between IAF and performance of banks through operational efficiency, organizational growth, higher profitability; solvency and continuity in business, which was attributed to recent developments in regulations, increased awareness and changes in organizational culture as to the role of the IAF. Thus the need for improved internal control and auditing mechanisms is one of the most important issues in public debate regarding corporate governance. The author recommended that: The IAF should be continually supported by management and the board audit committee in terms of adequate staffing, training and compensation for effectiveness. Regulatory authorities in Nigeria (CBN, SEC, etc.) should always ensure strict compliance with corporate governance guidelines and principles by banks. Emphasizing that compliance tests should be carried out annually to ensure corporate governance principles are not circumvented. And that further research on IAF or other aspects of the corporate governance mosaic (audit committee, external audit, public oversight, etc.) be carried out.
It clear the paper is well researched, the author has organized his work well and the theme in the article is very clear and well elaborated. The author has depicted a good understanding on the subject evidenced by the flow of literature and coherence. However the author used a small sample size of 21 respondents considering that both qualitative and quantitative techniques ware used. In his finding the author declares that compliance with corporate governance pr

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