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Management And Ethics: What We Need To Excel As A Leader (Article Sample)



Leadership in Nursing
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Leadership in Nursing
Nursing is a lifestyle, it is a calling. It is distinct from other professions, and not everyone can be a professional nurse. It requires a lot of qualities: compassion, affection and desire to be there for others. Most of all, nursing has a peculiar ideality that makes one have that passion to lead (Guyton, 2012). Social responsibility, leadership, teamwork and ethical practices have always been my core values. It is only in nursing that these virtues can be found as learning goals, and studying to practice what I am good in inspired me.
As a nurse, I have learnt to develop my leadership skills in the process of serving my patients in their recovery process. I see to it that I align with the range of leaderships styles when engaging in my daily routine. The leadership styles are all about integrity, team building, being a role model for my team, proper delegation of duties, ensuring peace and teamwork amongst staff and resolving any conflicts that may arise.
I also extend my roles to solving the tensions that may arise between various medical practitioners and subordinate staff. This is to ensure that the best relationships are built. Tentatively, the patients will be able to have the confidence in us, and this will improve their health in the due process. I focus on commitment to my work, my patients, all the staff that I work with and those nurses that are in my team. It is not all about doing my job as required, but always having the passion of committing myself to my profession, with a smile on my face.
I ensure to interact with my staff on the goals that we set to ensure success not only for us, but also for the patients and the whole healthcare facility. I also see to it that patients are always satisfied with our services by setting measures for my team and evaluating the satisfaction and complaints from the patients.
I have always focused on being a role model to my team. Being a leader, most of the members of my team look up to me, and what I do is what they will emulate. I ensure to uphold my values as a nurse, and advise them to emulate. Building a good team whereby we always focus on same goals is my priority, and to see to this I always have a personal relationship with my team. When any of them seems demotivated, I try to find out what problems he or she is facing in an effort to ensure that he or she restores the nurses’ smile.
Above all, I am aware that as a leader, I will one day retire and pass the position to someone else. So that all values are always upheld, I bring out the leader in all of my team members. Notwithstanding that we all work as a team, I ensure that I reach every individual in my team, so that I can ensure that everyone does his or her own part. I plan a drink with my team whereby I recognize and reward their success so as to motivate them. I inspire those that might have failed, and that way I ensure that we all meet our goals.
Self-awareness has been one of my strongest strategies in building my personal power base. I thereafter set my strategies, then work hard and focus to ensure that I set my power base. I keep up with the current professional knowledge and skills, while learning the organizational structure of the hospital where I work. Creating relationships has seen me to finding role models and mentors who have built my power base as a leader. Not only do I create relationships with professionals in the nursing field, but also ensure that I build relationships with other experts such as doctors, surgeons and psychiatrists. This has enabled me to develop a broad vision of the entire organization as well as getting to know and understand how other personnel set their power base and demonstrate leadership skills.
My main roles as a leader are effective team building and proper delegation. My position as a leader has attributed to my great interest in these two topics. Team building and delegation are two broad topics, and needs a deep understanding in order to ensure effective implementation of the two during daily nursing routines. I believe that with my efforts, I can see to it that all staff members work together as a team, while at the same time performing their individual roles effectively.
I urge all staff members cultivate relationships amongst themselves by adjusting the work place settings to suit development of good relationships during team building. I give all of them time to communicate during tea breaks and the lunch periods. I ensure that they know what I expect from them, so that as they interact, they have in mind the fact that a good relationship is expected of them. I organize luncheons for them so as to inform them on the values of good relationships. I have also developed a social page whereby all of the staff members can interact and share jokes and ideas outside work hours, and by this I am able to interact with them so that they can always be fee with me.
Delegation is a complicated process, and I have with time learnt to develop judgment skills that have helped me in appropriate allocation of duties to nurses. Since I retain the accountability of the patients’ recovery process, I have to determine the nurse who will have the best skills that will match with a patient’s personal needs owing to the varying and dynamic situations amongst patients. Effective delegation has proved to be the most difficult responsibilities th...
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