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How the Civil War Transformed the Federal Government History Article (Article Sample)


Explain how the American civil war affected the US federal government


How the Civil War Transformed the Federal Government
How the Civil War Transformed the Federal Government
The civil war changed the American society than any other historical event. It is the worst experience that any generation of Americans has ever undergone. The civil war necessitated constitutional changes that positively transformed the federal government and strengthened the US.
The civil war transformed the federal government and preserved it. According to Elatar (1971) the old republic was decentralized and had an inappropriate representation of member states in the federal government. Following the conflict, the nation introduced direct taxation, created an internal revenue bureau, recruited citizens to the army, empowered federal courts, and created the national banking system and a national currency. It also emancipated 4 million slaves, consequently confiscating 3 billion dollars. These changes were meant to strengthen the federal government and prevent the occurrence of a similar crisis.
Most experts believed that the war was caused by weak American federalism. After the war, majority legislators resolved to make constitutional changes to strengthen it. McPherson (2010) explains that before 1865, there were 12 amendments to the US constitution, and 11 of them limited the powers of the federal government.

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