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How People Abuse Of Privacy (Social Media, It Organizations) (Article Sample)


An article on how people abuse privacy in the IT sector.


Abuse of Privacy (Social Media, IT Organizations)
Having access to the internet nowadays seems to be a very important thing to everyone around the globe. Payments, Communication, news, registrations of various things are all online as well as social Medias that connect people together, different people from all over the world. Several applications have been created that connect people, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more enable people to chat, share photos even connect with people who are on the same career path. Twitter has also been used to raise social issues whereby the whole community comes together with a solution or as a way of advocating for change. Digital technology which we see today is meant to create better services for end users and be efficient to deliver as well as create good relationships among people which is a significant impact. Technology has transformed the way organizations operate, communicate and compete. With all these advantages that come with technology, people have found ways to misuse the internet and cause harm to people forgetting the common good that it is meant to achieve;- Connectivity, Access to information and services, External communication in organizations, Information and business analytics. It has become a tool for people to facilitate harassment, Forgery, Hacking of computers to steal important information as well as illegal transfer of money through banks, Misinformation, threatening as well as leaking protected information or sending of fraudulent emails. Tragic ends have also been reported whereby you find that some videos or photos have been leaked without the owner's permission hence some committing suicide because of the cyberbullying that comes with it. These are some of the challenges that have been experienced around the world and there are certain measures that can be put forth so that there isn't the fear of using technology and one's information is safe and can never be used for harassment.

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