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Sexism: Social And Political Life Of An Individual On The Basis Of Sex (Article Sample)


Research on sexism.


Sexism can be defined as the behaviour of reducing access to an opportunity in crucial areas of economic, social and political life of an individual on the basis of sex. It is also the practice of men still dominating matters regarding to sex in the community. Sexism can develop as an altitude in cases where the male gender is seen to be superior to the female one. In the modern age altitude sexism has brought to attention that all men and women are equal as compared to the modern times. Structural sexism simply means inequality in sex which is brought about by natural factors.
Sexism as an altitude has led women to be on the front line of promotions with men as they have been entitled to pursue their career up to their maximum. Besides being given equal rights in their working environments, there are some natural factors which make women more vulnerable to promotions. Majority of women are mothers hence more attention is accorded to their children than their work hence making it hard for a breastfeeding mother to arrive at being promoted in her job, hence bringing the idea of structural sexism .
Sexism as an altitude can also differ from structural sexism in a manner that despite the fact women earn their own salary and wages equal as men, structural sexism forces men to be the breadwinner of the family. Men find it awkward for women to participate in the family budget as they still hold the belief that they are the he

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