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City Culture and Public Life Social Sciences Article (Article Sample)


it talks about city culture and how the public stays in the culture


City Culture and Public Life
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City Culture and Public Life
City culture is the lifestyle of the people in cities and towns. The presence of a significantly different number of people in the cities is the theme that defines city culture, the people live in a space that is very limited, and everyone is strange to the other since they come from different tribes, areas, and families, (Skelton, 2016). This brings a possibility to come up with a broad range of subcultures closely related to the other, and being influenced by the other but not getting into other people's privacies in the way of living. 
In a global aspect, city areas contribute to be a home of power concentrations such as capitals for the government and headquarters corporate, and the powerful and very rich people employed by the government. People are organized by the cities. Also, cities are involved in the creation of standards, morals, and beliefs. A city is made by Market, statute law, defenses, municipal sense corporate created by the association of urban citizens and political sufficient autonomy of urban citizens to elect governors of the city, (Allam, 2018). Upper-class people in some countries have enclaved themselves outside the city center like, for example, the United States white flight.

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