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About The Boost Mobile Family Plan. Business & Marketing Article (Article Sample)


The task was to write about the Boost Mobile Family Plan.


Starting from scratch, Boost mobile refers to a prepaid mobile virtual network operator that uses the Sprint Network to operate. Most commonly, the service is available in the United States and Australia, where quite a considerable number of people use it for various activities. Mainly, subscribers use it to save on their mobile phone bills due to the offers it has in place for prospective customers.
Its history dates back to the year 2000 when it was first introduced. Boost Mobile is the brainchild of an Australian native in the name Peter Adderton. Just to demystify it further, Boost Mobile services resemble those of Sprint and Verizon.
Using Boost Mobile aims at saving you on costs, and that's evident by the alluring offers on board. But, using the service's family plan will save you even more (I guess due to the economy of scale). First of all, let's have a brief look at some of the offers that come along with Boost mobile before we delve into the Boost Family plan. This will help us to distinguish the difference, thus grok the importance of the family plan.
Some of The Boost Mobile's Plans.
Boost Mobile has got myriads of plans offered in prepay forms. All these plans, however, falls under two main categories: the Individual and Family plans. The plans are all named according to what they offer.
For the Individual plan, the user subscribes to use a single line on his own. There are also different other packages under this plan.
Under the Family plan, users (often 5) will each own a single line each, but all of them considered to be under one management (family). The family offer is cheaper for users. For example, after the first line is purchased at a particular cost, subsequent lines will be purchased at lower prices. However, all the lines will enjoy the same offers, some of which I list below. But, before I list them, take a glance at the savings you get to enjoy with the Family plan over the single-line plan below.
The Family Plan.
The Family plan is a better option over the single-line program; the reason being that it offers more savings. For example, if you opt for the $50 per month offer, you'll only be paying $30 for any additional line to the family. So you'll have $20 saved over each line, and $80 for all the extra four lines, which is the same as $80 saved for all the five lines. With this plan, you also get to enjoy the following.
√ Unlimited music streaming at no cost with regard to data charges.
√ Share mobile hotspot usage with other devices.
√ Unlimited talk.
√ Unlimited data and text... And more.
For the $35 per month, you'll add the second line at an offer of $10 discount, and subsequent lines (3-5) at an offer of $5 discount over each line. Consequently, you shall have saved a total of $25 for all the four lines. And, with this plan, you'll have the chance of enjoying the following too:
√ Unlimited access to talking services with friends and relatives.
√ An unlimited data.
√ 4G high-speed data.
√ Ability to make a WiFi hotspot on your phone.
Commonly Asked Family Plan Questions.
a). What's the difference between primary and secondary lines under the Family plan?
In the family plan, you can be a subscriber with a line dubbed "primary," or another called the "secondary" line. Before getting into the Boost Mobile Family Plan, you need to know the one that best suits you. These lines differ in a plethora of aspects. Below are some of the main differences between them:
√ To begin with, the Primary line is taken to be line 1 of the Boost Mobile Family Plan. Secondary lines are the others, from 2-5.
√ Line 1, the Primary line, is responsible for the payment of all the monthly subscription fees for all the other members of the family.
√ The Primary line acts as the reference line with respect to the date of payment for the monthly fees. The other lines (secondary lines) will have their payment dates realigned to the primary line's date.
Though there are even more differences, the above is just enough to make you grok all about the lines. Let's now get down to the next question below.
b). Do all members of a family plan have to join it at the same time?
The answer is NO! This plan can have any number of members joining at the beginning of the plan. When any more members join, the primary line will NOT be charged a full month's fee, provided that the new member hasn't yet used the service for a month. So, you can join a Boost Mobile Family Plan at any time.
c). Do we share data in our family?
No member shares any data with another. Each member uses his/her own share of data.
d). Can I create a hotspot with the Family plan?

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