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Why i want to work in America Creative Writing Article (Article Sample)


creative writing on why you want to work in America and reasons as to why you prefer America to other European countries


Topic “if you were to choose, where would you like to work abroad?”
If I were given a chance to work abroad I would definitely choose to work in Australia. I can say without a second thought that I have always dreamt of visiting Australia not as a tourist but a professional worker who is paid by the hour one has worked. Life is dynamic and as such we tend to make the most of it while we are still alive; having lived in the US for the better part of my adult life I would really like to have a change of life and experience other cultures, mix with people who have different view from mine and share their experiences. The main reasons why I choose Australia is because
I crave for Thrill and adventure
Life can become boring and monotonous doing the same thing over and over again with a sense of unfulfilled life challenges. My chose of Australia is brought about by the need to explore its nice serene and their wild life which I have only had an opportunity to see on Television. The main motivation why I would like to work there is to get a first hand experience of their culture while earning some more money for my savings.
Working in Austria is good for my personal growth
Working in Austria or even working on a temporary contract is good at stretching my limits from my comfort zone. My chose of wanting to work in Australia is brought about by the fact that it’s near home and it is a good place to break my daily routine life.

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