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Set of articles about online tutoring (Article Sample)


Set of articles about online tutoring: It contains articles about various subjects such as physics online tutoring and E-learning.

E-learning solutions that creates experts! (SEO sample for online tutoring industry)
Our E-learning services help the learners achieve best results with their preparation efforts for both technical and non-technical subjects. We develop e-learning products that deliver knowledge in a succinct manner that is comprehensive, analytical and thought provoking. We don’t just stop with creating learners but we go beyond the traditional path-way and we create experts.
In today’s fast-paced environment, there is no option but to learn new technologies and pave the path to progress. But in order to do this the learner seldom gets time. Hence, our e-learning solutions synchronize, the learner’s ability to learn, available learning resources and the learning environment. Our e-learning solutions bring into line all these three factors to create a learning environment that is dynamic and responsive to the learner requirements.
The ability to develop e-learning solutions can be supported by wearing a teacher’s hat and thinking like a teacher. Questions shall arise in the mind of the e-learning solution designer to know more and more about the subject.
Some of the especially probing questions that arise in the e-learning solution designer’s mind are:
* What is the practical implementation of the subject?
* How can the practical implementation be put to another use?
* What is the scope of the subject? Can it be widened?
* What are the different ways in which the subject can be explored?
* Scenario building
* Games
* Assignments on case studies
* Quiz
* What kind of background/grounding does one require to learn the subject?
* How can our e-learning solutions enhance the curiosity and knowledge level of the learner?
Learning a new subject requires the learner to assimilate the following five essentials:
1 Learner’s Aptitude
It is essential that the learner starts learning with some basic idea about the subject. To achieve this objective, we design our e-learning solutions with an in-built introductory session. This is also useful for the learners to brush up on any concepts that they need to recall.
2 Learner’s Attitude
The learner’s attitude should be playful, interactive, and the one that allows to commit mistakes and accept them as a learning opportunity. Our e-learning solutions are built on all of these qualities to make a complete solution for the learner that is interactive and fun.
3 Learner’s Resourcefulness
We design our e-learning solutions in a way that helps the learners to learn by following alternate ways. Hence, we repeat certain important concepts in 2-3 different ways that helps the learner appreciate the subject by following one of the ways. We also conduct small online surveys to get customer feedback about which was their most preferred way to learn a subject.
4 Learners level of Interest
Our e-learning solutions are developed to enhance the learner’s interest level towards the subject. We do this by developing supporting examples and case studies that help the student in appreciating the subject.
5 Learning tools available to learner
We use e-learning tools that make the learning process fast, interesting and complete.
We believe that the right aptitude, right attitude, resourcefulness, right tools and high level of interest to know about a subject can make the student a good learner. Our e-learning solutions produce results because they help the learners achieve their learning objectives in a faster and efficient manner.
Physics online tutoring: Learn from the best to be the best! (SEO sample for online tutoring industry)
We provide physics online tutoring and make the already interesting subject even more fascinating for the students. Physics is no doubt, an interesting subject, but learning it requires certain amount of expertise and pragmatic methodology. This is so because unless the student knows about certain basic elements of the subject, the rest of the problem cannot be solved. Once the elementary level is clear, then physics becomes a game of unraveling interesting case scenarios and enjoying the subject by knowing about its application in the modern world.
Our physics online tutoring service allows the students to learn physics by following five steps:
* Investigating the concepts,
* Interpreting the conceptual understanding,
* Building example scenarios/case studies,
* Developing diagrammatic representations of the example scenarios and
* Finally coming up with a feasible solution to the case study.
Investigating the concepts requires the learner to understand the basics on which the concepts are built. Once the basics are explored they need to be interpreted through case studies that best represent the concepts. Another essential way of understanding the concepts is developing diagrammatic representations of the example scenarios. Once the student is through with these four steps, coming up with a feasible solution is easier than you think.
This systematic approach towards learning physics can be availed by our physics online tutoring service. Our online tutors are experts in physics and they can connect the missing dots within a matter of few minutes. Hence, we can assure that you will be in very good hands. Our physics online tutoring service comes handy to all types of student requirements.
We can provide the following physics online tutoring services:
* Online Assignment Help We can provide reliable and efficient online assignment help that will make it easier for you to succeed in your academic goals. We understand the value of quality work and deadlines. For us, on time, is late hence we believe in completing assignments much before the set deadline.
* Online Project Help Our project help team can help you with providing solutions to both simple and complex projects. It is also part of our service to help you interpreting the project solution. Hence, we are always there to clarify any doubts that you may have about the project solution provided by us.
* Online Course Help Our online course help service helps you with every day concepts that are taught in school or college. Learning these concepts at an early stage helps you appear the term exams with confidence.
* Online Exam preparation We also help students with preparation of their term end exams and other weekly tests.
Our online physics tutoring solution ensures that the student performs well and achieves good grades in school and college. Our online physics tutoring experts provide the students a learning platform through which they can Explore, Understand, Build problem scenarios, Develop graphical representations of problem scenarios and finally solve them with 100% success. Online physics tutoring with us will make you achieve the confidence to succeed in experiments, solving problems and comprehensive interpretation of theoretical concepts.
5 essential exam tips (SEO sample for online tutoring industry)
Article summary
Exams are often considered to be challenging by some students and some students may even go to the extent of saying that exams are a nightmare. On the contrary, exams can be interesting and fun too and more so when you start scoring! This article talks about essential tips to appear for exams, both online and paper. Exam tips apply to anyone who intends to pursue an exam and score well in it and these tips more so apply to the school/college audience because they have to appear for exams consistently. There is more to exams than just scoring and even so scoring is the most important aspect.
Article content
Exams are about discipline, time management, short-term and long-term goals. These areas are explored by everyone who goes to school/college. We do come in terms with the above mentioned best practices knowingly/unknowingly in our academic life. This happens because there is an evaluation criterion known as exams.
It so happens that students get bogged down with exams and the whole academic routine. Hence, students need some backing up and professional guidance which is available through online tutoring. Yes, online tutoring can get a sea change in the student’s attitude towards exams and academic life because it is an informal mode of learning that is easily available from the comfort of the student’s home and with just a computer and internet connection.
There are various things that can be learnt from online tutoring
1 Time management
Managing time is not easy because we as humans are creatures of habit and once we get into the routine of irregularity and lateness, we tend to follow it religiously. Here, online tutoring can make a world of difference because ‘students get into the habit of attending the online tutoring session everyday at the same time’.
2 Discipline
Discipline is required in various areas of life and perhaps the whole ride of spending time at nursery, school and then college is about knowing that ‘Life has its own structure’ and ‘unstructured life is no life at all’. Discipline is required to read, write, comprehend and getting correct guidance. This discipline is inculcated in the student through guidelines from expert teachers who teach online.
3 Short-term goals
Short-term goals are those that we can achieve in a short period of time that is anywhere between 2 hours to 2 years. There is a test on Friday and the student is informed by the teacher on Thursday. This becomes a short-term goal that needs to be fulfilled by the student.
4 Long-term goals
We all have our share of goals and ambitions to be achieved in the long-term. Some students may want to be a doctor as an adult and some may want to become a writ...
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