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Romania Change Its National Currency (Article Sample)


in my human resources class i had to write an article as a homework. we had to create a speech, thinking that is part of an article and that we are journalists working for a magazine. our teacher told us to choose as a theme our bachelor's thesis since this class was in our last year of university. we had to close the article with a call to action and also, add our opinion on the subject.


Romania Change Its National Currency

I am honored to have this opportunity to address today’s crowd about my bachelor’s degree theme, a theme that I strongly consider important for our country, and our future as Europeans: Romania’s accession to the euro currency. Since I was younger, I have heard my family members talking and asking themselves when will Romania change its national currency from “leu”  to “euro” and I have realized that this theme is extremely interesting and important to write about. We are not very informed about this subject but I want to make sure that I share with you the best and most accurate information for you to understand better the need for this change. So, today, I am going to talk about the importance and the benefits of adopting the Euro in Romania.
When our country joined the European Union (EU) in 2007, it became obliged to replace the „Leu” with the „Euro”, as soon as possible. We are in 2022, and no change has been made yet. However, I strongly consider that we all need to be aware of the benefits that could come out of this monetary replacement.
The first major benefit is about promoting trade. As we all should know the main benefits of the euro are related to increased trade. Travel was made easier by removing the need for exchanging money. This is something that we need to take into consideration for our own country because everywhere we go we have to exchange money and as we all know our „leu” has no value around the world. With the euro, European businesses can easily lock in the best prices from suppliers in other eurozone countries. That makes prices transparent and increases the competition between firms.
Secondly, this benefit will surely increase your attention to this change, because everyone wants to hear the word stability. Yes, changing our currency to Euro can bring Romania price stability, and we all need it. As an example that will make you understand better, inflation has come down in the euro area from around 4 percent in the early 1990s (and much higher rates in some countries) to just above 2 percent in recent years.

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