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Top 10 Places you Should Never Miss when Visiting Baguio (Article Sample)


This was one of my upwork projects where I need to write a travel article about baguio city, Philippines

Top 10 Landmarks that you should never miss when visiting the summer capital

When it comes to tropical beaches, caves, and lush forests, there are only a few places on Earth that can match the Philippines. Thousands of endemic species that thrives on the islands provide a rich experience of the Fauna and Flora of the islands. However, what qualifies the country as one of the places that should be on your bucket list is its diverse culture. The different cultural past of the Philippines created how we know it today. Countless festivals, heritage sites, and ethnicities are living testaments that would leave you coming back for more. However, we should also admit that the intense tropical heat from of the country is part stressful and part unnerving. Don’t you worry because here at Pikion we have the perfect itinerary to have fun and combat that heat – Baguio City.

When it comes to breathtaking views, opulent lifestyle, and abundant natural resources one of the places that quickly comes to mind is Baguio City, couple it with the cold climate and exquisite cuisine, Voila, you have paradise. However, a day in Baguio would never be enough to enjoy every tourist spot there is. Here’s why we covered the top ten itineraries that you must NEVER MISS. We’ve also included some bonus tips and historical info below. Dig in.

Ten landmarks you should never miss:

1 Mines View
Since Baguio City is best known for its spectacular views, let’s start with the one most famous for it. Mines View was named as such for the fact that it overlooks Benguet’s gold and copper mines aside from the Cordillera Mountain. You can also take your selfies while wearing Cordilleran costume or horse riding. The place also boasts its collection of artifacts, souvenirs and silver works. Here are two more tips when visiting Mines view: (1) visit Rimando's, a place along Gibraltar Road where you can buy the best-carved artifacts and (2) make sure to bring the best camera that you have.

2 Wright Park

Tired of walking and commuting around with taxis. Try horseback riding, As one of our personal favorites, Wright Park features Horseback riding and scenic walks that are gateways to some famous landmarks such as; The Mansion, Mines View, Botanical Garden Teachers Camp, Good Shepherd, and Pink Sisters Convent. You can also try Horseback riding within Wright Park’s Horseback Area and the area going to Mine’s view.

3 The Mansion

Baguio City did not only earned its name as the Summer Capital because of the peak in tourist visits during the summer months of June and July. The origins of its name can even be traced back to the time of American Colonization. During the occupation, the Philippine capital was moved to Baguio every summer due to the intense heat of the lowland metropolis – Manila. Since then, the city provided a retreat and vacation place for soldiers, officials, and citizens during the hot season with The Mansion being their headquarters.

Today The Mansion is used as the President’s residential area when traveling up north. Though you cannot actually enter the villa, there are plenty of spots to take some selfies. The place is also teeming with vendors selling fruits – strawberries and Sagada Oranges – and other stuff.

4 Burnham Park
Named after Daniel Hudson Burnham, and American architect and urban planner, Burnham Park was designed to be a haven for vegetation in the middle of an urban landscape. As visible from the higher grounds the park resembles a patch of forests in the midst of the city like New York’s Central Park but smaller and atop the clouds. However, what makes it as a top pick for travelers are the variety of activities that the place offers.

Burnham Park is literally one of the places on earth where you can go boating on top of a mountain. It also features other activities such as biking, jogging, football, birdwatching, and skating. Some of the must-visits include the Rose Garden (during the night), athletic bowl, and the Orchidarium.

5 Camp John Hay
To cater soldiers during the occupation period, Camp John Hay (aka CJH) was built. These American architectures preserved in the area are proofs of the historical past. However, CJH is also one of our top picks because the incorporation of a modern infrastructure – such as Baguio techno hub –creates an artistic bridge from the past to the present and the future.

Aside from the visual elements that would certainly pique you interest, CJH also boasts alfresco activities for the adventurous and out daring such as hiking, paintball, and golf. You can also take a tour in the Bell house, experience the thrill in the Tree Top Adventure, or take a sip of coffee in The Manor.

6 Session Road
Much like the Wall Street (in a smaller scale), it might be hard to believe that it was a historic landmark during the Occupation period. And as the name implies this is the place where most administrative meetings were held back then. Today, these would be the best place for you to go when you need to buy anything. The site also serves as a gateway to some of the city’s famous landmarks, hotels, and commercial centers. So, if you need to buy anything, you know where to go.

Another friendly advice, you should never miss Baguio City’s Panagbenga festival and Session in Bloom. This is the time when local crafts and delicacies from all over Benguet gathers in one place giving you an experience of your lifetime.

7 Baguio Cathedral
In an urban landscape like Baguio City, it’s no doubt that most people would like to visit somewhere serene and spiritual. Well if you’re looking for a sanctuary amongst the throngs of people and the traffic jam. Here’s one of the best itinerary for you.

8 Bencab Museum

Here’s our favorite on the list. Just a few minutes’ drive from the heart of the city lies Asia’s top 22nd museum of 2014 according to This modern themed ethnological and historical museum owned by National Artist Benedicto "Bencab" Cabrera, houses hundreds of paintings, wood carvings, and artifacts from the region. You can also take a sip of your favorite coffee and taste the famous Taal rice from Caffé Sabel.

9 Mount Sto. Tomas
Most famous for its scenery, Mount Santo Tomas gives a magnificent view of the whole city. The Locals offer several view...
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