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The Quantum Leadership Interview (Book Report Sample)


the paper pointed out the outstanding qualities one can borrow from professional interview with prominent and renown personal like dr. enazi. i concentrated at some of the possible questions that i may be asked at john's hopkin's hospital. basically the paper touched on the preparation of the interview, skills that can result from interview, and significance of THE QUANTUM LEADERSHIP INTERVIEW.


The Quantum Leadership Interview
Student’s Name
Due Date
1. Creation of the Interview
I identified Dr. H. Enazi for the interview. He is is the Unit Head for the Outpatient Primary Care Clinics at the John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare. Dr. Enazi has been influential in the professional steering of the department and has been significant in the propagation of medical philosophies that define the hospital’s history. Below is the brief letter that I wrote to the Unit Head as I sought to create an interview with him.
I am a Nursing student at the university of [Name of College], studying quantum leadership as an inspirational course with which I aim to fulfill a desire to comprehend the essentials of leadership. Such aspirations were founded and anchored during my adolescent ages when I realized that the global evolution and development were based on the molds of leadership. I have since learned a lot through my educative experience. However, making lucid confirmations with great persons who hold significant leadership positions in renowned institutions that are pivotal in the support of our society’s socio-cultural schools has often remained elusive yet desirable.
The John Hopkins Hospital has been a significant role player in the placement of the American history in the medical and social journals. For instance, it is in the hospital that Dr. Vivian and Dr. Alfred Blalock first performed surgeries on the heart. In US’s history, it has become known that John Hopkins has one of the best medical staff globally. To be a part of the leadership team that guides such kind of a team would require great quantum leadership skills. Moreover, your department has been credited with the interactive duty of caring for outpatients. These reasons quantify my desire to hold an interview with you in the month of June. Please be kind to find it necessary to include a thirty minutes interactive interview in your schedule in the course of the month.
2. Preparation for the Interview
In preparing for the interview, I researched about John Hopkins’ history and its placement in the American National heritage. I evaluated their medical and infrastructural development and their CSR participation. I also created interactive discussions with classmates to consider their evaluations and mental conceptions about the hospital. This is factors that added to my preparedness and unearthed information that would define the angular projection of the interview (Porter-O'Grady & Malloch, 2011).
I then compiled a list of the departments in the hospital and the departmental heads. This strategy was a measure that was meant to evaluate the leaders involved in the driving and sustenance of the magnificent institution. The strategy created the podium for comprehending the most interactive department; a department that was just as concerned with the interactive role of handling several clients as well as coordinating professionalism. It is through the procedure that the outpatient department proved eligible as there are several doctors charged with serving the public. Some of the outpatient cases handled at the hospital are also very significant in medicine.
3. Interview Questions
Questions from Class
The primary issues that got used during the interview were derived from the compositions of principles of Quantum Leadership as elaborated by Tim Porter-O’Grady and Kathy Malloch. They got derived from the class set up in an attempt to quantify the professional opinion on the matters that had been projected in the course set up.
1. Which leadership principles are applied at the John Hopkins Hospital?
2. Based on your work experience, what is your take on the idea that errors are essential for progress?
3. What aspects would you use to compare leadership at John Hopkins to Quantum Leadership?
4. How would a quantum leader, new to the hospital go about determining what was valued in the hospital?
5. If you were asked to choose three quality monitors for the hospital, what would they be why?
6. How does John Hopkins measure its contribution to the health-related quality of life of clients?
7. How do you apply innovation leadership to a problem at your facility?
8. How do you evaluate and motivate your staff to grow into 21st-century workers?
9. How do you balance life and personal life?
10. How do you coach your staff to manage their work/life balance?
11. What are the precepts employed by the hospital in the promotion of:
• Leadership
• Standards
12. Is there a situation in your work setting in which you have benefitted from using strategies?
Additional Questions
1. Would you say that the leadership at the hospital is based on professional success as opposed to leadership skills?
2. How is leadership used as a podium for addressing the medical topics in the hospital?
3. How would you quantify the subjects of politics and the integration of the ex-medical personnel from the hospital in politics?
4. How challenging is it to organize the department; organizing the professionals to serve the large and demanding population of patients?
5. Does the John Hopkins service philosophy consider the patients as patients or as clients as well.
4. Professionalism
Professionalism creates the standardized ethical precepts upon which an interview would be conducted. Such precepts had to be created by the regulations and requirements of the medical requirements of the hospital. That is so because the interview was but an interactive acquisition of information from the leadership personnel of the hospital and was not meant to be manipulative. According to Roussel (2013), manipulation should be avoided in such instances as they would trigger the violation of ethical codes.
By the professionalism codes, I dressed professionally in a suit. This was inspired by the projection by Crowell (2011) that clarified that official dressing created a liking for people and developed trust and confidence amongst the people with whom they intended to engage in interactive duties. I also groomed my hair to ensure that my appearance was completely respectable and desirable and that my decency exhibited the leadership interests that I am already committed to study.
5. Notes
Having headed a unit, Dr. Enazi will go down in history as one of the revolutionary figures who helped anchor the hospital’s history during the post-modern era. His experience is the testament to the professionalism that the hospital personnel must adhere to in their ascent to leadership. His intelligence and leadership qualities, as was evidenced in the interview, have been significant in his decisive leadership of the hospital’s outpatient unit. During the interview, Dr. Enazi made several revelations all of which have been highlighted below:
The Significance of Quantum Leadership in John Hopkins Hospital
Dr. Enazi has observed in his profession at the hospital, that several quantum leadership principles get applied in the running of the hospital. He so believes that the hospital’s significant history was created based on the application of the quantum principles. For instance, he cited that the surgeries that were conducted in a hospital to defy modern conceptions were guided by the principle that states that ‘Error is essential to creation’. Vivian and Blalock were not afraid of failing, and the errors they did make when experimenting with dogs contributed in the fortification of their idea. On the other hand, he believes that the institution is primarily successful as the staffing is diverse, and the professionals have been operating guided by the belief that diversity is life necessity.
The interviewee also expressed the idea that the hospital’s philosophies get mainly based on quantum leadership as they offer philosophical insights into the foundational guidance for medicinal practice. Accordingly, quantum leadership has been an integral part of most hospitals, but its application at the hospital has been significant. It has contributed in the integration of personality traits, intelligence, and leadership abilities in the building of leadership and task forces in the hospital, a factor that has propagated the success with which the hospital has gotten associated.
In his elaborations, Dr. Enazi pointed out that quantum leadership is definitive and is a key ingredient in the angular evaluation of professional and other significant matters within the hospital set up. He considered that the subject also develops personnel into well-molded individuals with the capacity and understanding of the factors that affect life within the healthcare set up, and in different environments. The doctor explained that the level 5 leaders have their special qualities as well, but such do not guarantee the kind of insight that the quantum leaders exhibit in their leadership. Referring to Roussel (2013), Enazi highlighted that the level five leaders often use humility as the basic unit for leadership skills. ‘Such may be well founded. However, they fail to lay definitive precepts in the formation of principles and philosophies that would catalyze a healthcare set up like John Hopkins to greatness.’ Level 5 leaders do not comprehend the necessities of valuation models that are the building blocks for medical care.
Quality Measures
Dr. Enazi highlighted four quality measures that are used nationally by different healthcare set ups as they seek to determine the quality standards that they meet in their service delivery. They included Inspections, Consumer Surveys, Third Party Assessments and Statistical Indicators. H...
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