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A Doctor's Story Reflection Paper (Book Report Sample)


Final Book Report/Paper
Using Dr. Charon's approaches to close reading read and then write/submit a 2-page reflection paper. Besides the close reading approaches, please address the following question in your final paper:
1. What surprised you most in the book and why?
Writer:please choose one of the books listed below and choose whichever is easier or accessible for you. Please read the reading materials (Dr. Charon's approaches) attached with this order and use the method on the article described.
The books are 
1) Lauren Slater's Welcome to my Country: A Therapist's Memoir of Madness. (Random House, 1996).
2)Abraham Verghese's My Own Country: A Doctor's Story. (Vintage, 1994).
Thank you!


Reflection paper
Reflection paper
The book “My Own Country: A Doctor's Story” written by Verghese is about love, loss and the human condition, in every variation. This book illustrates the journey of the main character which took him to the unknown area to expertise his profession. Moreover, later the doctor decided to take up practice in the city of Johnson. Verghese wrote the first comprehensive and forthright statement said by a doctor regarding his work with patients who suffered from AIDS and concerning the intense changes that had conveyed both his personal and professional life. In his book, Verghese gives a vivid illustration of all the challenges he have faced while becoming an indisputable doctor for many patients in Johnson City, and in the neighboring region of North Carolina.

What surprised me the most was the way Verghese offered a heartfelt viewpoint on the spread of AID. Being up when the first case occurred, he became a witness of the recounting of this dreadfulness thus he took the initiative to share the story of that patient. Dr. Verghese became the expert after the first patient with AID symptoms was treated. Later, everyone having suspicion of AID came from the neighboring small towns in great numbers in order to be treated. Apart from that, his accounts perfectly matched the great story he had told. It was the time when people from rural areas both religious and non-religious were treated with sympathy. Abraham Verghese was a doctor specializing in transmittable diseases. Verghese had started to work with infected patients. Despite the fact that he was foreign, he faced rejection because of the work he was doing with HIV patients rather than because of his background.
Another surprising thing is the way he had described the events with unusual openness, and sympathy. This is because of the way he communicated his thoughts of displacement and belonging, he talked about his patients with high opinion and affection, and in reality I felt like I knew everyone there. Verghese described several patients in detail, and how they got transmitted and died in the end. The reader feels a sense of loss. He made all attempts to get acquainted with his patients to hear their stories. Therefore, he made friends with some of his patients. Verghese illustrates all of his patients with a concern that is heart-breaking. Through his writing, the reader gets connected to the grief, fear, disquiet and total aggravation of those who were infected. This fact made the readers psychologically encompassing. His story of observing patients who got worse and finally gave in to the disease were distressing; especially to a physician with no cure.
Apart from that, the book gives a descriptive account of the consequences of disease on a doctor, who took time to listen to the story of his patients and paid attention to th...
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