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We Got Fired!: And It Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Us (Book Report Sample)


The task was to study a book by Mackay H 2004 \"We Got Fired!: And It Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Us\". The instructions were to write a summary of the book with the following subtopics; a synopsis, subjective review, justification, critique and conclusion. This sample talks about the author(Mackay), who brings about various scenarios in the book. Among them is the 28 people who were fired and later becomes prominent, his school and employment life at an early age, the work life of his father,(who he expresses as a loyal employee) and most important the inspirational concept on all people who are laid off/ fired from their jobs.


We Got Fired, and It Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Us
This is a motivational book that gives one advice and quotes to walk along a path of success despite the challenges in previous or current jobs. It outlines the importance of understanding the end of the world does not come whenever a job ends. The author writes about twenty eight people who got fired in their respective jobs and later becomes prominent.
Throughout the analysis, the author concludes a moral lesson that every life event has two different sides. He says “some people rebound from a firing challenge because they get destined to, while others are because they get determined”. Therefore, it is always” indispensable to energize in the proactive one”. This book does not necessarily motivate those who get fired, it also reflects on business people and those who do not get satisfied in what they do. This is because it arouses one’s creativity. Thus, it helps people overcome fears and pursues dreams they fail to achieve because of lack of security (Mackay, 2004).
The author describes his father as a man of loyalty. This is because he argues that his father worked for one job for his entire life. Mackay who is the author started to work an exceptionally small age when he was in high school. At his age, he had a lot to learn about business. More so he had to report to his boss, come to work on time, handle credits and money and understand the needs of customers. In addition, his boss taught him the tips of selling and capturing the attention of the client. For instance, start with a warm smile. Whenever there is a sale, a request to the client gets made whether there is anything else they required, then escort them to the door and look them in the eye and give appreciation.
Days later he started asking for many off days and coming late and long lunch breaks. Therefore, and the management fired him. His dad who had gotten him the job got disappointed, and the author had to write an apology letter to his boss. Because of the violation of the managerial rules that what got the author to be fired. Thus, with the tips learnt by the author during his job time, made him realize that one can enhance a successful job as long as there is willingness and commitment (Mackay, 2004).
Subjective review
Whenever one loses a job, it does not choose if one is wealthier or meager. Instead, everyone has a detrimental feeling. It might seem to be easier for celebrities since, they are not always after financial concerns but the feeling of infamy and the adjustment of mind does not differ at all. Therefore, this book is inspirational for people who lose their jobs. The book outlines that if the senior people lose their job or at a risk of losing one despite their level of position. Thus, the book prepares one with experiences and means in which one can pepper back on their feet so quickly.
The books analyses about various real life experience stories. The stories are cy...
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