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Writing A Book Review Of The Old Testament Of The Bible (Book Report Sample)


Writing a book review of the old testament of the bible


Bible Review of the Old Testament
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Bible Review: The Old Testament
One of the long-standing contentions among Christian believers has been that of opposition between believers of the God of Grace and Love is depicted in the New Testament and the God of Law and justice that is primarily highlighted in the Old Testament. This review focuses on the Old Testament, in terms of its structure and composition in an effort to enlighten the reader on its significance and role among the Christian believers. The Old Testament is essentially a collection of thirty-nine books which focus on the religious history of the people of Israel. Each book has a unique message, style of writing as well as tone. The delivery of the message is largely achieved through the sayings and stories that provide a framework for religious and ethical conduct. Ideally, it is divided into four main sections that are divided into: Prophets, wisdom and poetry, historical writings and the Pentateuch.
Beginning with the Pentateuch which comprises of the first five books of the bible, this particular series covers the onset of the world as well as that of humankind. It begins with the creation story, in Genesis followed by promises made by God to mankind in an ongoing relationship through generations. At creation the world is primarily good until man’s disobedience and his fall from grace. From then on, a series of events bring about various nations and languages until the entry of Abraham. The book of Genesis follows through the life of the major patriarchs of the Israelite people up until Jacob and his twelve sons. It is through this particular family that the Israelites find themselves as slaves in Egypt.
Further on, the book of Exodus delves into the journey of the people of Israel from Egypt. God’s plan of salvation is set in motion through the calling of Moses. Having been raised by the pharaohs, Moses becomes a conduit through which the God performs miraculous signs that result in the release of Israelites from the yokes of bondage in Egypt. The culmination of Exodus is to be found in the manifestation of God to the people of Israel on Mount Sinai where He affirms his promise to His people through covenants and offers the people the Ten Commandments to guide their interactions and worship. Numbers, Leviticus and Deuteronomy offer a continuation and explanation of the laws the commandments as well as the covenants. This books document the journey to the Promised Land, and highlights the challenges and issues, as well as the leadership of Moses right up to the death of Moses.
It is from this point that the historical writings begin. The focus of this book is on the history of the people of Israel up until the collapse if Israel in 587 BC. Historical writings begin with the successful entry into Canaan as depicted in Joshua and Judges. However, the influence of the surrounding environs results in the disobedience of the people of Israel who begin to worship other deities. This particular disobedience results in numerous invasions and oppressions from the neighboring countries due to the fact that God forsakes them.
The salvation of the people of Israel comes in the form of Judges and rulers who become instrumental in helping the people fight against its enemies. In the books of first and Second Samuel, Israel manages to thrive, until Saul’s disobedience that sees the nation face a great threat from the Philistines, however, David becomes anointed and delivers the people of Israel. He manages to establish a vibrant and successful kingdom that is succeeded by Solomon, who is greatly endowed with wisdom. Further on, however, Solomon delves into idol worship and upon his death, the Kingdom of Israel becomes split into two.
From this point on the people of Israel suffer under the hands of various cruel leaders until it is utterly destroyed and its people sent into exile in Babylonia. Elijah and Elisha are instrumental in this particular period, with their efforts to bring the people of Israel back to God falling on deaf years. Rebuilding efforts and attempts, as well as the story of redemption for the Israelites is found in the books of Esther, Nehemiah and Ezra. Ideally, the focus of the historical books is on how the curses and blessings of the Israelites reflects their obedience or disobedience to the covenants they made to their leaders.
Another crucial category within the Old Testament is that of Prophets. The books by the prophets are divided into two that is; Major and Minor Prophets. This distinction accrues from the amount of texts that the prophets provided to the people of Israel. The words of the prophets came in handy to the people of Israel during times of crisis. Following the establishment of an Israelite kingdom, great tragedies, events and experiences that followed often required the intervention of the Lord who used His prophets to provide guidance and direction and wisdom to the people. From Isiah, to Jeremiah and Ezekiel, the prophets continually provide wisdom to the people of Israel in the times of great need.
The prophets were also an instrument through which God reminded and even renewed His covenant to the people of Israel. It is important to note another crucial purpose the prophetic books play. Prophecies of the Bible were a way of for God to reveal Himself to His people. In other words the prophecies provide insight on the accomplishments He had done in the past as well as on the plans He had for his people for the future. Prophets also played the role of social-spiritual commentating, by offering guidance to both leaders and the people. From offering judgments, warnings and visions, the prophets play a crucial role in the Godly advancement of the people of Israel. They provide a cautionary tale for the people Israel, and to extension the Christian community at large.
The fourth and final category of the ...
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