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A Summary Of A Book "Awol On The Appalachian Trail" By David Miller (Book Report Sample)


instructions: write summary of a book which has an outdoor activity theme.
the sample is a book report of a book having outdoor activities theme.

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Awol on the Appalachian Trail by David Miller Section 1 Awol on the Appalachian Trail by David miler gives an account of what David went through in the memorable hike. It is a book which makes a reader to feel the joy and pain of hiking through the Appalachian Trail. It was a journey of 2,172 miles across Appalachia from Georgia to Maine (Miller 2). It happened took place in 2003 when David Miller decided to fulfill his dreams on hiking the Appalachian Trail. Each page is a treats a reader to a whole and rich new experience of the trail. It vividly describes the journey through the mountains and valleys, the reverie, and isolations, the motivations which drove his quest, and the dreams in life which can be achieved when one decides to engage in a life-changing moment. The book is therefore not relevantly a travel guide but an individual view of David’s adventure and the lifelong significance for a dream come true. I chose the book for various reasons. First, the book gives an account of hiking, an outdoor activity that I would one day like to engage in. I have been reading through several materials on hiking without ever coming across first-hand hiking experience as narrated by David. I was able to learn the ups and downs it takes to make such a journey. For instance, in the beginning, David had to leave family and friends to go on the adventure. Some people would be supportive while others will not be supportive. However, David proved that he was passionate about hiking and took one of the longest hiking trails. Personally, the book relates a lot to my aspirations and outdoor goals. I have always been hopeful to undertake hiking during my holidays. I thought hiking was easy until I read the book. However, it has challenged me on various areas. For example, I will meet people along the way and how will I interact with them. Also, at some stages, David was accompanied by some other hiking enthusiasts. In a journey such as that, I will need to be accompanied by other people. My main outdoor objective has always remained to be the first to hike in our family. With inspiration from David's book, I am sure I will realize my dream of becoming the first hiker in our family. However, I will need to choose a suitable area where many people have not been to and given accounts of their adventures in such areas. Section 2 The book portrays many strengths in the way the author presents his adventure. There have been many AT hiker autobiographies, but David’s book seems to surpass these journals. The book gives all accounts of the full hike journey, different accounts on shelter, food orgies, and the tales of bears and mice. Suppose one is thinking of a section hiking or a thru-hiking of the Appalachian Trail, then the book provides valuable information. It has accounts of step by step expectations one might come across along their way. He greatly borrows from The A.T Guide which surprisingly he is the author too. The book is also rich in information regarding the social life one has to live while on such a trail. David describes his account of meeting kind people along the way who were not friends or fellow hikers. In addition, it gives an account of personal experience such as the individual struggle to stay on the Appalachian Trail notwithstanding emotional and physical hardship (Miller 30). For example, on one incidence, he notes what happens through sections of the trail. David mentions that hikers have several days where they scarcely touch the soil. There was a strip of woods which was created by Long Island and the mainland in the New York's AT. In the urbane New England States of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont, there were already weary hikers who had struggled and endured for months on the Appalachian Trail. Actually, there were various men who had set for the same trail and almost up to 80% did not make it to the end (Miller 270). In addition, he adds that the White Mountain National Forest of the New Hampshire was one of the major hazardous and scenic area within the rail. Moreover, sixteen miles within the trail were done above tree line which suggested hiking under low temperatures. In addition, David gives accounts of the daily routine a hiker goes through. He mentions that it was like an extensive nomadic camping spree. It involved walking through the woods for an entire day, stopping and setting up a camp, eating and sleeping. The next day, you wake up, pack all your belongings, and walk through the woods again. Sometimes, the AT would be so steep that it required hauling oneself with their hands, but it did not require any climbing equipment or skills (Miller 27). Carrying one's belongings is mandatory. You carry the tent (house), sleeping bag (bed), food, stove, and all other important items on the back each day through the trail. The description of such an event fully prepares for the hiking routines and challenges that I will face on my adventure. The backpacks mostly carried foods which would last for 3 to 5 days (Miller 31). Moreover, the food needs to be durable and lightweight. Cooking mainly revolved around adding boiled water on some foodstuff and it had to be durable to last those several days. The book has given me a challenge since it will force me to adapt to the hiking environment which requires extensive exercise (walking) with almost an empty stomach. However, there are opportunities which emerge at instances within the trail particularly at crossroads next to towns (Miller 107). Under such incidences, hikers eat to their full, get cleaned up, and seek medical care if need be. They then restock their foodstuffs in the store supplies, or sometimes supplies which are mailed a...
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