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With the Old Breed Book Report (Book Report Sample)


The student was asked to write a brief report of the book, "with the old breed".


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With the Old Breed Book Report
Eugene B. Sledge’s With the Old Breed is a memoir that recalls the experience of the author during World War II. This report demonstrates how Sledge's perspective provides a unique account that is distinct from the popular narrative illustrated in films.
Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Sledge is compelled to enlist in the case of saving democracy. Like any other typical war story, he goes for training where he learns to appreciate the point of Doherty's torture. The story then shifts overseas to the Pacific War where the author paints a picture of a brutally violent war that leads to the loss of many soldiers. The author writes about his experience with the atrocities perpetrated upon the corpses of the soldiers without any censorship.

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