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Mathematics & Economics
Book Report
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Economics (Book Report Sample)


Last two chapters from the book only. The details will be in the document it will provide

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27th November 2013
Book report
Chapter 16
The main subject of chapter 16, we can’t afford it, is to show the many needs that still remain unfulfilled despite the availability of money among people owing to embezzlement.
The author’s main purpose is to argue inequality in the society is the major reason for varied resources that is prominent elaborating that the rich continue to hold on to their riches while the poor drain in poverty.
One key piece of evidence the author uses to support her case is economic research that shows many people living unsatisfied life because of hunger for more despite having the basics of life. The desire for more leaves unfulfilled gap in the life of many.
Chapter 17
The main subject of chapter 17, Cash on the table, is the increased use of money on things that are of no great necessity to satisfy desires that one can live without. People have never been fully satisfied with what they have however good it may be.
The author’s main purpose is to argue that money, however much, cannot meet the increasing desires of people because the availability of money definitely points to another need that is yet to be met. She illustrates that every new day present opportunity to advance from their current life.
One key piece of evidence the author uses to support her case is the research on economic ...
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