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Culture and Objectivity (Book Review Sample)


This assignment needed you to sunrise the debate in the book. You needed to utilize examples of the YES side such as... They have an understanding of the cultural norms and values and often language capability that out sider does not possess. They're able to relate back to historical conflicts. They can relate to their own communities without resentment. Gain access to information that would not be available otherwise etc. and then the No side in the book goes on... About rather it's the skill set of the investigator not the ethnic group. How no ethnic minority researcher can unravel the multitude of experiences surrounding his or her own group and cannot be an expert on all matters related to this. The researcher may feel obligated to conform to group norms even if doing so limits the research. Etc. thank you!


Culture and Objectivity
Culture and Objectivity
A valid research cannot be done by members of the same ethnic community because such actions deprive the society of the right people for the right research work. It also affects the cohesion in the society leading to conflicts. I believe a good research requires diversity and opinions from different places since the minority ethnic groups will not be able to offer such and therefore bringing no meaning to the research conducted. Human beings were created to live in the community as one people (Requejo, 2005).
The book Controversial issues in Multiculturalism features issues like whether programs and services in social work need to be culture-specific to meet the needs of the clients. Additionally, the book looks at whether the professional social workers ought to support affirmative action as a means of acquiring equity for their clients. Finally, the book looks at whether the therapy process for patients can be effective when the helping professional is from the same or different ethnic group as a client. Much of the writing on multiculturalism has been concerned greatly with attempts either to make it firmer or to reject its merit in total (Anda, 1996).
In my view everybody has a need to be accepted by the larger culture. Legitimacy can only be attained if the society incorporates the other cultural groups into the society as a whole. I agree the minorities have the right to secure the same rights as the more major groups, but not to be grouped together as minorities. For example, the issue of clients getting a better therapy from professionals of the same ethnic group are likely to cause divisions among members of the other ethnic groups. The therapy received would be better measured on grounds of professionalism as opposed to ethnic backgrounds.
There are unfortunate instances that expand the historical contribution of the minority groups by selectively revising the past. The minorities in the community would rather find other people’s beliefs and practices slightly alarming than their own. Another factor is the possibility that minority’s methods will provide models of behaviour as well as assumptions that will affect the society as a whole. The new cultural mutations that have nothing to do with the valued historical patterns may at times offer the best solutions to the problems most of the people face (Banting, 2006).
On the point of social workers supporting affirmative action as a means of acquiring equity for their clients, would be much better if they are integrating their clients with others ethnic group. Giving them equal chances with the other members of other ethnicities will be to their advantage as it promotes diversity. People in the society must understand and acknowledge the fact that human beings belong to one ancestry despite the races, ethnicities and tribes. There is a need to stay together in any kind of activity, working and helping each other, sharing ideas and values. The minorities should unite and embrace other ethnic groups, carrying out the research jointly to ensure mutual benefit on the issues affecting each other. The nature of affirmative action to be promoted should be using policies such as a quota system. This is where a given percentage of vacancies in the job market must be set aside for members of the minority certain group, but the jobs should be spread across a wider community to allow for integration. The workers should also be given the same grounds in searching for the jobs (Anda, 1996).
My appeal to a larger audience when presenting these arguments is to think of the seal of research as well as the science that affects human beings in general. It does not just affect the major or minor ethnic groups in the world but both sides. Therefore, both of the sides of this debate should try to persuade rather than intimidate one another, indicating an element of essential healthy parts of a healthy culture. Many governments in the world have embraced, encouraged and supported cultural diversity. Much more fair policies have allowed citizens to have the rights to conserve their cultural inheritance. Under the laws of many countries, racism, forms of discrimination, as well as prejudice have significantly reduced (Anda, 1996).
The issue of programs and services in social work being culture-specific to meet the needs of the clients as argued in the book should be carried out. It will in return guarantee a good relationship in the culture relationship with the diverse group of people. The lives of people would become more peaceful, wealthy and colourful. It is very easy to learn as well as understand each other better than before. People can eat different types of cultural foods and learn from each other. The children who are growing up in a multicultural society can learn and accept different views, behaviours and values of other people (Anda, 1996).
In order to work efficiently in a culturally and ethnically diverse society, a community builder will have to understand the needs of each ethnic group in a given community in order to support its members. Most ethnic groups have their individual network of relationships together with hierarchy of leaders that they look up to for any mutual support. If a community builder identifies the social organization of the ethnic group, it will become much easier to identify the most appropriate leaders that will help build bridges between the minorities in the society and the other members of the society without discriminations working with a diverse community (Anda, 1996).
There is an intellectual development in people living in multiethnic societies. Multi-ethnicity leads to a much more open-minded population, where people will be seeing situations from other people’s point of view. Multiculturalism will lead people to work together, and cooperate in development issues. It promotes unity, respect and tolerance in a given population. People will start feeling comfortable living with each other. A multi-cultural community will make the people also to be less racial leading to a non-discrimination society (Anda, 1996).
The research on ethnic minority populations can also be carried out by researchers from the same ethnic group since many people will tend to think they are losing identity. Many people want to be associated with their culture, living in a multicultural society may mean the individuals will have to destroy their culture and emulate different cultures. Living in a multicult...
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