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Enslavement By Marriage Book Review Assignment (Book Review Sample)


The American Promise book review.
social order, gender, and race in chapter (Enslavement by marriage)


Enslavement by marriage
The book titled The American Promise is an interesting history book which contains a chapter named Enslavement by Marriage. In the chapter, it is evident that Nell and her descendants were enslaved because she chose to marry a black person. The excerpt portrays some assumptions about social order, gender, and race where black individuals who are male in gender are considered of a lower social order, and this is the reason they are made slaves (Roark et al., 2012).
Nell married Charles because she was in love with him, and also because she did not want to marry her Lord and be damned. Roark et al., (2012) explains that according to the witnesses, Charles also married Nell for the same reason of love which came about when he was working for the grandfather to Nell. The fact that Nell was a white woman meant that she was superior and she should not have married the slave. The testimonies given are reliable evidence because they are precedents of what used to happen even before the existence of Nell and Charles.
The witnesses were among the first to learn about the intention of marriage between Nell and Charles because the other workers found it out early enough. According to the testimonies, the neighbourhood in which Nell and Charles leave do not tolerate marriage between a black person and a white woman (Roark et al., 2012). If the woman decides to go ahead and marry, there are serious consequences for her. Existing suggestions are that one can choose to wait ...
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