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Fahrenheit 451 Book Review (Book Review Sample)

Do a book review of Fahrenheit 451 source..
Fahrenheit 451 Name Course title Date * Bibliography Fahrenheit 451 is a crucial dystopian novel by an American writer by the name Ray Bradbury. The book was primarily published in the year 1953, 19 October. The book Fahrenheit 451 is deliberated as one of his greatest works. The novel's tagline expounds the heading: "Fahrenheit 451” meaning the high temperature at which book paper is able to catch fire, and eventually burns. The “Fahrenheit 451” book page count is two hundred and fifty six. The most important characters incorporated in the book include Clarisse McClellan, Beatty and Guy Montag. * Thesis. Ray Bradbury book ‘Fahrenheit 451’ rises several points in this hedonistic depiction of censorship gone awry. Ray demonstrates how humans are so easy to agree the info, which is usually given to them. In addition, he states that we do not look for errors in a life that we consider being complete. Initially, Guy Montag states that when it comes to things with options, a human cannot contentedly make a choice that will make him or her happy. Why is this so? Happiness is a choice, and no human being knows what fully makes the other person happy like he does. Ray Bradbury was satisfied with his job that was to be the society censoring. However, it only took a young girl by the named Clarisse for Guy g to notice that the society was not whole. Something very imperative was missing. Ray Bradbury book Fahrenheit 451 provided a little of fulfillment and excitement in which Montag was searching for. Furthermore, Ray Bradbury reconnoiters an excess of themes in this novel since it is a dystopian book. A central point of focus as described above censorship. Under this, Censorship is when mass media for example books are scrutinized and unacceptable sections are suppressed. Particularly, the government cuts out all the media material that may arise questions and makes them make them illegal. This was why Guy has the task as fireman to do away with abodes where such books are hidden. As depicted in the book, this point of focus is so robust since it is also relevant in the 21st century time. In the current global trend, the same focus could be observed. Recently, we have confronted governmental legislation for example SOPA and the most current CISPA, which would relentlessly censor the network if they were passed. On a school of thought, everyone should read the novel itself so that they may better comprehend the damage that censorship could cause. * Evidence to Support the thesis Towards the end of the novel, “Fahrenheit 451”, Ray Bradbury presents and elucidates the symbol of the phoenix. Far from just being an oral aside, Granger’s thoughtful of the phoenix has abundant symbolic weight for the point of focus of the book. Looking deeper in the book, burning out all the places that the media were placed was not considerate. In his word, “We cannot undertake anything. We cannot just burn these. I wish to have a look at them, in any case, just have a look at them once probably in the future. In that sense, if what the analogy of the Captain is right, then we will have the option of burning them together. We have to begin somewhere here, thinking out why the society is in such a mess. If things are not resolved, then we are going right towards the cliff, Millie. The case is not going to be quiet easy. This leaves people with nothing to fight for, but maybe a remedy could be found by piecing the issue out and coming up with a solution to help the society at large without indecisive judgements and conclusion. Kuźniak, Angelika. "Farenheit 451." (2016). Most of the books’ section is Montag enhancing his knowledge by reading books whereas Mildred has...
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