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Review Assignment: Analyze the Book Mythago Wood (Book Review Sample)


Review the Book mythago wood

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Mythago Wood Review
Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock best fit as a fantasy book and mythical fiction which uses imagery to explain its themes. Due to the good plot and imagery, the reader gets both emotionally to the characters and physically attached to its fast paced addictive setting. The review is based on the tone, setting, and physical elements of the book.
The fantasy book has a first person tone to give it fast pace. It is easy for one to follow the life of Stephen who slows down the pace since the character likes waiting for things to happen to him (Holdstock). For instance, he spends weeks fixing the old manor house, and at times he spends hours reading his father diary book (Holdstock). The use of the first person makes reading the book addictive by creating the proper setting.
The backdrop of the scenes is beautiful set to create a unique ambiance. While I read the book, I am attracted to the beauty of the Woods since as the story continues, the characters get into the dark forest which encroaches the nearby house. For example, the book creates a powerful imagery when Stephen enters the woods and the changing seasons makes the reader feel like the story is real (Holdstock). Moreover, it is easy to engage with characters in the book since they play out the romance scenes very well. One can easily feel the words of Antoxx “no real affinity for any of the characters” (Holdstock). These words make me happy and feel that they helped improved the book.
In short, the Mythago Wood is an enjoyable book that captures the attention of the reader. The reader gets attracted to the imagery used such the house, the forest, and the Woods. Besides, the use of the first person improves the pace of ...
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