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A Separate Peace essay (Book Review Sample)

In a 1972 interview with the author, John Knowles, he stated that A Separate Peace was a story in which Gene must “face up to his own real nature.” Having read and discussed the book, what in your well-informed, educated opinion is Gene’s “real nature”? (Which I choose his competitive nature.) Assert your thoughtful opinion in the first paragraph of your essay. End your first paragraph with a thesis statement in which you assert that the author clearly establishes the real nature of Gene through syntax, diction, and the interactions Gene has with other characters in the book. This essay should be 8-10 paragraphs in length. It should take evidence from scenes in the beginning, middle and end of the story. It should use as examples several characters other than Gene. It should make use of symbolism, syntax and diction, and/or allusion. It should adhere to the Assert, Support, Interpret format. There is no need for a refutation in this essay. However, you are certainly welcome to include one. source..
A Separate Peace essay Student's Name University Course Professor Gene is portrayed by John Knowles in A Separate Peace as a competitive and ambitious guy who fights to accept his own character. Knowles vividly reveals Gene's true personality as one driven by a compulsion to excel and exceed his classmates through his interactions with other characters such as Phineas, Brinker, and Leper, as well as by the use of syntax, diction, and symbolism. In the following paragraphs, I will assert and support this thesis through specific examples from the beginning, middle, and end of the story, and interpret the significance of Gene's competitive nature in his relationships and personal growth. One of the most important ways Knowles establishes Gene's competitive drive is through his interactions with other characters. For example, one of the novel's primary themes is Gene's strong rivalry with Phineas, often known as Finny. Gene is envious of Finny's innate athleticism and charisma, and he becomes obsessed with proving himself to be on par with Finny. Gene's desire to compete with Finny eventually drives him to do a violent act, which serves as a turning point in the story, forcing him to confront his own inner demons. Knowles employs grammar and diction to portray Gene's competitive mentality, in addition to his connections with other characters. For example, Gene's persistent need to qualify and quantify his own actions and accomplishments, such as when he refers to himself as "the best" at various activities, reveals his underlying ambition to be the best and exceed his colleagues. Similarly, Gene's frequent use of words like "beat," "win," and "defeat" throughout the story emphasizes his competitive temperament and drive to win.  In A Separate Peace, Knowles uses symbolism to highlight Gene's competitive character. The tree that Gene and Finny climb on, for example, represents their rivalry and tension. The fact that Gene is the one who finally causes the tree branch to break, resulting in Finny's injuries, highlights Gene's destructive and self-destructive inclinations. Brinker Hadley is another figure that reveals Gene's competitive mentality. Brinker, the student council president at Devon, is noted for his brilliance and desire. Gene becomes embroiled in an argument with Brinker over whether or not the school should be closed in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack. Gene first agrees with Brinker, but then changes his mind and believes the school should remain open. This shift in Gene's attitude demonstrates his desire to win the argument and emerge victorious, rather than considering the matter from a more nuanced standpoint. Another figure who reveals Gene's competitive mentality is Leper Lepellier. Leper is a sensitive and contemplative person who is struggling to cope with the outbreak of World Conflict II and the potential of having to fight in the war. Gene, on the other hand, is more concerned with his own personal objectives and ambitions, and he frequently...
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