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Understanding a Diverse Society: Margaret L. Anderson and Howard Francis (Book Review Sample)


I was tasked to write a 5 page review on the book Understanding a Diverse Society. attached is the sample of the review i wrote


Book review
Understanding a Diverse Society
Margaret L. Anderson and Howard Francis
Understanding a diverse society is a book that has been co-authored by Margaret Anderson and Howard Francis. Margaret is a well-known authority in the sociology field having written a number of bestselling titles in sociology that have been used for academic purposes over the years. This book is a detailed analysis of the ways and manner in which social mingling between and among various diverse social groupings inside specific units of the society. It offers a wide and clear overview on distinguishing aspects in class, gender, race, ethnicity, religion and geography of people that to a large extent affect and drive their belief systems, their values and stereotypes. This work seemed to be an outcome of extensive and well done research by the authors covering almost all aspects of sociological issues that affect the human condition. The book is comprised of five parts that cover different sociological issues. The first section deals with a general discussion of sociological aspects of the society. The second section deals with the issue of individuals and the society. The third section deals with aspects of social inequalities. The fourth section comprises on issues regarding social institutions and ways in which they work and carry out their duties. The last section of the book deals with the aspect of social change.
The most impressive aspect of this book is that it tries to cover almost all the sociological aspects of the society form crime, power, culture, poverty, education, inequalities and many more. This is a daunting task considering that sociology is considered an extremely wide and complex topic to conclusively engage in one book. It is said that the study of one individual is a very complex, what about the study of a group of individuals?
Social diversity and the dynamics of how it works is one of the widest aspects in the field of sociology. In my opinion therefore, the authors have been able to careful and systematically tried to break down each of the parts of this diverse aspect in ways that the reader can understand and relate to the actual happenings in the society around them. The authors manage to use clear cut principles and examples that are real, thus fostering authenticity in what they are putting across. The style of writing is particularly attractive as it can easily be accommodated by an undergraduate student. The “debunking society myth” feature in the book is an excellent addition that enables the reader to open up their critical thinking faculties and to think for themselves. There are also to do exercises that the reader can engage in so that the interaction of the reader with the book is almost at an intimate level.
The authors need to be credited for the manner in which they use the examples that they use in the book. Even though the bulk of the book is about the American culture, the examples come from all over the world. This is an important aspect in sociology because the reality is that the human condition is more or less the same all over the world and the human being at their core are just the same and face the same challenges all over the world. This style also helps to make the concept of “diversity” more viable in itself.
The first part of the book touches on the sociological perspective and describes the general meaning of sociology explaining its dynamics and how it is continually evolving. This part is categorized into two chapters. The authors in this section uncover unsettling truths about sociological perspectives

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