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Conflict in the Empire Book Review Writing Assignment (Book Review Sample)


book review IN MLA FORMAT


Conflict in the Empire
Conflict in the Empire
The American Revolution was a colonial war which took place within the period, 13th April 1765 to 3rd September 1783 between the Great Britain and the American patriots in the thirteen colonies along the Atlantic Ocean. The war ended with a win by the thirteen colonies and a treaty signed in Paris.
American Revolution became unavoidable because of various reasons major one being the poor quality of leadership from Grenville who was the acting prime minister. Grenville impacted law forcefully which favored the Britons and targeted the citizens from the thirteen colonies. The acts imposed on the non-Britons was received with a lot negativity by mostly the Americans (Oakes, James, et al 2014). The acts included stamp act which required anything that was printed or formally written was supposed to be on a special stamped paper for which tax must be paid. The intention of the prime minister was to show that they had control an

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