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John Updike’s Portrayal Of The American Middle Class In His Fiction Novels (Book Review Sample)


The task involved writing a book review on John Updike's portrayal of the American middle class in his novels. The paper was supposed to be in mla .

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Review and analysis:John Updike’s portrayal of the American middle class in his fiction
John Updike’s novel covers a wider perspective and reality regarding the dynamic morals and behavior of the American middle-class family. His story tries to capture more on the American civilization and its dissatisfaction. Most importantly, Updike’s talks about the alterations in the social conditions in America. Updike also talks about the conditions and possibilities of love in his novel.
Updike in his first novel, The Poorhouse Fair, reflects a lot of versatility in the style and the subject itself, he explores the socio-spiritual effects of socialism. The voices of octogenarian characters are to some extend captured in the novel. Updike portrays the way an American-educated, deposed black leader. It seems that Updike creates a persona who is a mislead Jewish American writer in his muse search as seen in his Bech books.
Updike tries to carefully examine marriage and its discontents in most of his novels such as The Maples Stories (1979), Licks of Love, and Problems and Other Stories. Updike applies astandard style to gauge his subject matter in the most appropriate and convenient way. Updike captures speech from all social levels of human life. Besides, his vivid description reflects a detailed picture of the modern life. Updike narratives are considered to be an extraordinary talent, but to some extent, Updike applies more style than content in his work and that have somehow degraded his job.
The Rabbit, Run and the Rabbit, Redux
In most of Updike’s work, characters in most of the cases tend to be creatures who roam everywhere are never fully settled. Updike talks about the replacement of sexuality for religious know how in the four novels focused to Rabbit Angstrom. Updike stories mainly relate to minor events and the state of mind which appear to be trivial details which are tricky to connect.
In Rabbit, Run, a novel about a basketball star and clumsy engagement was one of the four novels fictions relating to theprotagonist and his family. Thesestories dug deeper into the American cultural changes between the 1950s and 1980s. In Updike’s, Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom, the reader notices the author’s massive falling creatures in such of belief and regeneration. The destructive nature of the character in the shows the author’s ethical problems during the writing of the novel.
The book describes the frustrations faced by the American Society in the 1950s during which the Americans were adapting to their environment. Rabbit is involved in a complicated situation, one associated with the marketplace values and lack of spiritual concerns which reflects back to the American changing cultural practices. In a latter-day Huck Finn, Rabbit runs away from civilization that would enslave him and keep him a prisoner, as this is considered a survival tactic in a spiritual way where one decides to bolt from his many problems.
In Rabbit Redux, Rabbit thinks that the United Statesare going to redo what they did a decade ago, Rabbit works as a typesetter as a way of making peace with the world. A Rabbit appears to be an observer and a passive listener. Rabbit is scared by the by the racial and cultural discrepancies he visualizes from his television. Updike uses afecklessmiddle-class man in a small city to prevent the disruption destabilizing the United States in the 1960s.
The Cultural metaphor was related to the landing of the Americans on the moon watched on television by Rabbit and others. The astronauts who are the founders of the new technology and centrifugal movement land on satellite. This can be used to describe the American spirituality which appears to staggering and fading. In fact, the Americans have gone to extreme limits that they should stop already and head back home.
In the first couple of Rabbit novels, Rabbit appeared to be out of step, but later he is rich and more in rhythm. The book begins with Rabbit being in far-reaching thoughts. Rabbit, a middle-aged man seemed scared of his deteriorating health and diminishing energies which kept worried all the time. He appears to be literary running out of gas because of the real gasoline crisis. Spiritually, the phrase meant a lot more different idea; theexpression suggested the moving out of America’s old ways which flooded American dreams.
The novel, Rabbit, Run, is considered a non-hero quest by most of the critics, for instance, Rabbit initially tries to escape by running south, and he gets lost, runs out of ideas, he returns home and asks Tothero, his coach for help. Tothero sets up Rabbit with a part-time prostitute with whom they started to live together. Rabbit then resists to return to Janice serious talks and persuasion by Jack, Eccles, the do good minister, in fact,says that “something out there wants me to find it” Rabbit appears to be messed both physical and mental and this reflects the cultural rot that is affecting the Am...
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