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Lesson 4 Macbeth Act 3 (Book Review Sample)

Lesson 4: Macbeth Act 3 Write definitions for Vocabulary • Indissoluble • Parricide • Rancor • Incense • Jovial • Nonpareil • Appall • Amends Summarize the Act source..
Name Professor Course Date Lesson 4: Macbeth Act 3 Write definitions for Vocabulary * Indissoluble- remaining unbroken up. * Parricide- The aspect of killing a parent or close relatives. * Rancor- Resentfulness. * Incense- Being angry at something wrong or unjust. * Jovial- Showing a high spirit of cheerfulness or fun. * Nonpareil- A perfection of a kind. * Appall- Horrify. * Amends- to make things right. Summarize the Act Act 3 starts with revelations about Macbeth’s true character and intentions as the King of Scotland. Even if Banquo is suspicious of Macbeth having something to do with King Duncan’s murders, he is comforted by the witches’ prophecy that his lineage will produce a ruler. Banquo tells Macbeth he is going for a ride with his son, Fleance. Macbeth informs him to return early evening to see his new place. However, Macbeth had a vicious plan as he remembered the prophecy about Bonquo having future rulers. The prophecy worries him, and he fears losing his power. Macbeth hires assassins to kill Banquo and his son. The second scene is intimate, revealing Macbeth’s private life, thoughts, and perception of Scotland’s power. The intention and thoughts of Macbeth retain a tense mood even if they pause the play. The assassins plot and advance with Macbeth’s plan. However, Lady Macbeth soothes his husband, who is anxious due to the current events. Although she expresses little confidence in the plot, she is willing to support her husband to retain power. The murder of King Duncan created a problematic situation they did not anticipate. Then, they are faced with another plot involving murder, which shows their true nature of greed for power and eliminating anyone that threatens their survival. The third scene shows the hired assassins’ activities as they wait for an opportunity to pounce on Banquo and Fleance. After hearing the horses approaching, the two assassins prepared to attack. During the fight, the lanterns braked, which hindered their vision. They only succeeded in killing Banquo, but Fleance was lucky to escape unharmed. Macbeth fears as the prophecy remains viable as Fleance is an heir of Banquo and a potential future ruler from Banquo's lineage. The third scene opens in Macbeth’s palace, where he entertains Scottish thanes. The happy moment is broken before the feast begins when one of the assassins appears at the door. He informs Macbeth that the mission is successful but still incomplete. Ironically, Macbeth returns to the table and makes a toast to his missing friend, Banquo. The news disturbs Macbeth, and he even sees a ghost of Banquo appearing and disappearing, which makes him despair. The change in demeanor makes Lady Macbeth catch up with the situation and ask the Thanes to leave ...
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