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Red Convertible' by Louise Erdrich Book Review Assignment (Book Review Sample)


kind of narrator, THE EFFECT OF having this kind of narrator, red convertible AS A symbol, AND theme of thE story

‘Red Convertible’ by Louise Erdrich
The ‘Red Convertible’ is a story by Louise Erdrich talking about two brothers who together owned a red convertible. Henry and Lyman spent a lot of time together in that car but got separated after Henry joined the war in Vietnam. After returning from the war, Henry seems traumatized. He ends up drowning himself in the river, and Lyman slides the convertible into the waters after him.
Question 1
The story is told in first person narrator. The readers understand the story from Lyman’s point of view.
Question 2
First person narrator helps the author to give background information thoroughly without involving extra dialogue or stories. Readers are able to understand the story as Lyman shares about his relationship with his brother Henry, and how war changes his brother.
Some may wonder why Lyman, who did not go to war, has to be the one telling the story. I think it is because Lyman seems not to give up throughout the story. He helps the readers to know extra things about his brother Henry. Lyman’s efforts of finding the real Henry assist the readers clearly see the differences between the new and the old Henry. His feelings towards the changes occurring to his brother help in bringing out the effect of war on soldiers. Therefore, I think that Erdrich used Lyman instead of Henry because only Lyman would have clearly illustrated how the war changed Henry.
Question 3
The red convertible is an important symbol in this story. It represents a bond between Henry and Lyman, who have a vibrant and exciting youthful life. They do things together, and the car is always with them. The car also bonds them once things go sour between them. The red convertible lasts just as the bond between the two brothers last.
Question 4
Lyman kept the car in good shape hoping his brother will be excited about it after his return. However, his brother seemed not to have any interest in what they had before, including the red convertible. Lyman destroys it to see if Henry will get interested in the car and maybe remember their old life.
Question 5
To Lyman, the car is a representation of all he had lost. His brother came back from the war, but he was not the same. Now Henry was gone forever, leaving the car after fixing it. Throwing the car into the river that drowned his brother seems as if Lyman is returning the car to his brother since he believed its Henry’s. The water fills the car ...
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