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Three Methods of Authentication for Photographs and Recordings (Book Review Sample)


1. When can the video and audio use in the court?
2. List and briefly explain the various uses of photographic and recorded
3. What are the three methods of authentication for photographs and recordings
(other than by an attesting witness).
4. List and explain the various methods of presentation of photographic or
recorded evidence in court.
5. How should an officer prepare before going to testify in court?
6. How does the manner of dress (the officer) impact the jury?
7. How does the manner/behavior of the officer impact the jury?


Three Methods of Authentication for Photographs and Recordings

Question 1
The importance of audio and video recording purposes varies from criminal investigations, evidence being documented, and blackmailing. The recordings are useful in court as evidence of any court hearing. However, it is against the law for one to record other people’s conversations since its interference with their privacy and rights. These recordings are highly essential if the court is experiencing difficulties making the right decision due to unclear evidence. In this case, the recordings will be very essential as evidence to prove something. The recordings are also important if the nature of the current offense's main evidence is the recordings. This will help to show the action cause and the nature of the subject matter. Video and audio recordings can be used to show impropriety gravity. This is because, through these recordings, the court can be informed of the happening of each activity.
Question 2
Any picture in a crime scene is considered to be true since it expresses more than a thousand words (Derek, 300). In most crime scenes, photography is always a priority. This is because photographs and recordings are the most effective ways in which an investigating officer can represent a crime scene. The following are the importance of photographic and recorded evidence;
* Provision of accurate and true original scene recording. This helps to emphasize more on any verbal investigation presented in court. This is because recorded evidence and photographs are seen to explain the same story better making the judge easily understand the occurrence of events.
* Recorded evidence and photographs provide the jurors with a permanent scene recording. This evidence can even be preserved for later use after being examined. This evidence is very essential as it provides an accurate measurement of the place where the crime occurred. These could be measurements of objects and distances.

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