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Colonial Hierarchy in Antigua and Its Legacy (Book Review Sample)


This task was based on coursework. The instructor had requested a review of the main course material to ensure each student had read and understood it. The book "a small place" by jamaica kincaid was reviewed. Specifically, the instructor wanted the students to focus on colonial hierarchy in antigua and its legacy.


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The Colonial Legacy of Racial Hierarchy in Antigua.
“A Small Place” is a book written by Jamaica Kincaid on the legacy of colonialism. The book explores the former British colony of Antigua and the effect colonialism has had on Antiguan way of life. Kincaid boldly expresses her sentiments on the way the colonial experience has influenced politics and national ideologies in Antigua. For perspective, Antigua is an island on the Caribbean that has a majority population made up of black with a small minority of mixed and white races. Specifically, Kincaid expresses her opinion on the state of tourism, politics and exploitation. Her work starts with an account of the dilapidated state of the Old Library as she tries to examine why the library is not a priority for restoration. She then opens up about the corruption, ugliness of tourism and callousness with which Antiguans perceive matters of importance. The term colonial legacy refers to the influence of colonialism politically, socially and economically on a people who were under 

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