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Journal Entry: Your Personal Experience, Thoughts, Observations (Book Review Sample)


Write a reflection that connects your personal experience, thoughts, observations, values, or views to the reading. The focus of the journal entry should be on your personal experience, but there should be a clear and specific connection to the chapter reading (including page references). Your goal should be to use one idea/concept from the chapter (or a small cluster of ideas/concepts) to make sense of your personal experience or observations.

Journal Entry (Ch.1)
Having a person with whom you are romantically involved with is one of the most fulfilling events in one’s life since they help us to attach new meaning towards life. However, relationships, especially between individuals from different backgrounds attract numerous prospects of conflicts. After all, Wilmot & Hocker correctly assert that conflict is one of the normal states of human communication (p.12). Nevertheless, I have over the years learned that one of the best ways to solve a conflict before it escalates is by withdrawing from the conversation or leaving the room before tempers flare up to points where each person says and does regrettable things.
This is because during conflicts each party is trying to hurt the other due to the pain that they are already feeling, and this leads to a downward spiral where the relationship can be broken beyond repair. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that walking away from a conflict is not a self-preserving mechanism meant to protect myself from pain (p.23), but rather a wise move that allows both my partner and I to reflect on a lesser damaging solution to our conflict without trying to outdo each other on who can cause more pain to the other party.
It is important to understand that flight and fight patterns during a conflict can serve to de-escalate a conflict all one has to do is to carefully understand when to use them (p.29-31). Moreover, a conflict can only occur because the parties involved are interdependent and have expectations of each other, and my case emotional understanding and obligations (p.13). It is, consequently to be aware of the fact that the cause of the conflict arises from a position of expectation and that one party feels the other has let them down. Whenever I walk away from a conflict with my partner I ...
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